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Edward Wesley Rodgers

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Though he practices standard chiropractic medicine and specializes in sports injuries, Edward Wesley Rodgers, also known as Ed Rodgers, is best recognized as the father of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Ed, Aaron’s father, has over 20 years of experience in the chiropractic field.

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Aaron, Ed’s middle son, is a well-known figure in the NFL. He has been in the news for years, whether it be because of his relationships, accomplishments on the field, or vaccination status. Apparently, fans of the Packers number twelve are infatuated with him. And every now and then focus also turns to his family. And it’s none other than Ed Rodgers, the elderly man.

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Aaron Rodgers, the son of Edward Wesley Rodgers, is a wealthy NFL player. But what about his own net worth?

Even though Aaron, Ed’s middle son, isn’t the greatest earner in the NFL, he still ranked 45th on the list of all-time highest-paid players after agreeing to a five-year contract deal with the Green Bay Packers in 2013.

With a salary of about $50 million, his estimated net worth as of 2024 is over $200 million. In addition, he owns stock in a number of other sports teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks. In addition, money is coming in from endorsements and other sources of revenue.

However, no such details about Ed, the elderly member of the Rodgers family, have ever been discussed or even made fun of. That being stated, there has always been conjecture and the like around the longstanding pain analyzer’s personal situation.

Nevertheless, it may be reasonable to conclude that Ed also belongs to the affluent chiropractors in his zone, who presumably have a net worth in the range of seven figures, given his lifetime profession as a chiropractor in one of the most economically developed states.

Californian Edward Wesley Rodgers is a native of a little town.

In 1955, Ed Rogers, the father of the Rodgers family, was born in Brazos County, Texas. Originally from a little town in Southern California called Lompoc, Ed is a native.

Ed completed his undergraduate studies in physical education and exercise science at Chico State University. Later on, he earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Ed Rodgers also attended Western States Chiropractic College, where he received his degree in 1997. He belongs to the American College of Sports Medicine as well.

Although it has been stated in the articles that Aaron is of English, Irish, and German ancestry, it is unclear how much of that heritage comes from his father, Ed Rodgers.

Edward Wesley Rodgers Is a Vaccine Opponent

Chico the chiropractor was in the news early in 2021 again for his criticism of COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Ed had called leftists “brainwashed idiots” on Twitter earlier, saying that they were damaging their organs by getting the vaccine.

In an interview with USA Today at the time, Ed expressed his opinions about his football player son Aaron, who was likewise anti-vaccination regarding COVID-19.

The citizen of Golden State expressed his pride in his kid and stated he trusted the former Super Bowl champion’s judgment and choices. He went on to say that if he had been a Pleasant Valley graduate, he would have followed suit.

Even after testing positive for COVID-19 in November 2021 and being placed in confinement for ten days, Aaron refused the vaccination.

Additionally, Edward Wesley Rodgers played football.

Ed played football in college, just like his son. During the 1970s, the Chico native was an offensive lineman for the Chico State Wildcats. In addition, he played semi-professional football before taking a hiatus from the chiropractic profession.

He was a player for a Marysville semi-professional team in the California League. The group is notable for taking home consecutive national titles.

He also had a few trials for the Canadian Football League in the interim. Ed once acknowledged that, in addition to occasionally becoming very intense, he was a highly competitive person when he was younger.

Since college, Edward and his spouse Darla have been together.

Darla Rodgers and Aaron’s father have a long-standing relationship. The mother of Aaron and Ed’s longstanding partner is a California State University, Chico alumna. In actuality, Darla and the physical therapist got together while they were both attending the same college.

Furthermore, Darla shared her son’s and husband’s similarities as a collegiate athlete. She played basketball and danced as well. Luke, Aaron, and Jordan were Darla’s three sons from her marriage to her husband.

With their three sons, Edward Wesley Rodgers and his wife relocated throughout multiple states.

Edward and Darla moved around a little with their sons when Aaron was growing up. They resided in Beaverton, Oregon, Ukiah, California, and other places throughout this time.

With the exception of the sons, the family eventually moved back to Chico in 1997 and has remained there ever since. Jordan, the eldest son, frequently expresses gratitude to Ed for his selfless parenting of him and his siblings. He previously told about how the Chico State alum used to need to work three jobs just to get by.

What Do Luke And Paul, Ed And Darla’s Other Sons, Do For A Living?

Jordan, Ed’s son, became well-known from his work as a contestant on The Bachelorette, an ABC television series. In addition to running the fitness and lifestyle coaching company Met-Pro, he is a part of ESPN’s SEC Network.

Like his father and brother, Jordan also played quarterback for Vanderbilt for two seasons, from 2011 to 2012. Luke Rodgers, the oldest child of Ed and Darla, is said to reside in Nashville, Tennessee. It looks that he writes for 247 Sports and CBS Sports.

The Argument Between Aaron, Ed, and His Two Sons

It appears that the synergy within the Rodgers family has been a complex subject for some time. Ed has stated in interviews on multiple occasions that he and his other sons haven’t really spoken to Aaron, the ESPY winner, in a while.

The first indication that there were problems within the Rodgers family came when Jordan, Aaron’s brother and a previous Bachelorette, opened out about his difficult connection with his famous athlete brother shortly after he was crowned the winner of ABC’s reality dating series Bachelorette.

Jordan talked with his then-fiance Jojo Fletcher on camera about their strained relationship, which included talking about Aaron, his brother.

Jordan informed Fletcher that she most likely wouldn’t get to see Aaron during their next trip to Chico. He clarified that Aaron had cut himself off from him and his family.

The Rodgers family’s drama, which is open to speculation, has been public fodder ever since. According to the New York Times, Aaron purportedly ceased communicating with his relatives around the end of 2014. This was some time after he started dating Olivia Munn, who starred in the film Predator.

The Cause Of The Conflict Within The Rodgers Family

Although Ed and his spouse Darla have refrained from discussing the specifics of what transpired, they have acknowledged that there is a strained relationship between the family and the six-foot-two quarterback.

According to Business Insiders, Aaron returned the Christmas gifts his parents had given him in 2016, indicating the magnitude of their disagreement.

Additionally, it appears that Aaron, the 2005 round one draft pick, made it obvious that he didn’t want Ed and Darla to attend his games, so they will need to buy their own tickets. According to reports, Aaron skipped his brother Jordan’s wedding as well.

Actress Olivia Munn Strained Relationships With Ed Wesley Rodgers And His Son, Aaron

Although the exact cause of the discord in the Rodgers family is unknown, rumors indicate that Aaron’s ex-girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn, may be involved.

Aaron Rodgers, the middle son of Ed Rodgers and a former NFL player, is pictured with Olivia Munn, his former fiancée. Getty

According to Us Weekly, Aaron distanced himself from the family when they expressed their lack of faith in Munn and contended that the Buddy Games actress was with him for different reasons. Ed’s middle son supposedly became enraged over this and eventually distanced himself from his family.

The Disparities Also Arise From Aaron’s Religious Perspectives

Aaron’s beliefs toward Christianity are said to be one more factor. The 38-year-old once stated, “During a podcast with his ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick,

It is beyond me how you can have faith in a God that want to condemn the majority of the world.

Ed and Darla were reportedly disappointed by this because Aaron’s parents had always been devoted Christians who have instilled the same values in their kids.

What Has Edward Wesley Rodgers Shared Concerning His Son Aaron Rodgers’ Relationship?

Regarding the supposed animosity between the Rodgers men in a 2017 interview with The New York Times, Ed stated,

Notoriety has the power to transform.

The father of three has frequently refrained from discussing the true nature of the problem, but he once reasoned that one person in the news—Rodgers—was sufficient for him and his family.

When queried about Aaron’s alleged alienation from him and his other two boys by The NY Times, he noted that the true issue was quite difficult to convey. Additionally, Ed said that Jordan’s TV discussion of the family issue was an inappropriate decision.

The therapist told The New York Times that he found it hard to say whether or not the tension between him and his football-playing son had eased. Nevertheless, he continued, expressing his family’s hopes for the best.

But Ed claimed in late 2021 that the tense dynamics between the Rodgers boys were getting worse. At the time, the former student from the Western States stated that his support for the Butte CC graduate was the most important factor. In addition, Ed expressed his pride in his football-playing son.

Aaron Would Not Discuss His Uncomfortable Family Relationship

Regarding Aaron, the key guy for the Packers declined to discuss the family issue on TV when WISN approached him about it in November 2021.

Luke, the oldest son, similarly refrained from discussing the family issue.

Edward’s Chiropractic Career and Areas of Specialization

Edward is a reputable expert chiropractor, as was previously noted.

It appears that he helps his patients achieve their goals of greater fitness and wellness by providing chiropractic remedies for particular pains. The MVP’s father is a well-known chiropractor who treats the full person as opposed to simply the symptoms. His practice of examining the underlying causes of illness, suffering, and discomfort has won him the admiration of many.

Traditional chiropractic manipulation, high-intensity laser therapy, exercise prescriptions, geriatric care, and prescription therapeutic wraps are among his areas of expertise.

In addition, Ed specializes in posture correction, physiotherapy exercises, bespoke orthotics, and sports injuries. Trigger point treatment, myofascial release therapy, and dietary counseling are a few more.

Rodgers, Edward Wesley Additional Information

Interestingly, Ed and his spouse Darla didn’t encourage their children to do sports, but they were encouraging when they did.

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