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Elena Tablada Hijos With Marido Javier Ungría: Daughter Camila Ungría Tablada

Elena Tablada

Discover the details of Elena Tablada Hijos and her former partner, Marido Javier Ungría.

Elena Tablada is a well-known Spanish jewelry designer. She owns a well-known jewelry company called ETNA, and she is active on Instagram where she posts pictures of herself modeling and shares details about her lifestyle.

She has created headwear for ladies and is connected to being a brand spokesperson for Vixen Workout.

Elena Tablada Junior Accompanying Marido Javier Ungría

Renowned Spanish jewelry designer Elena Tablada and her spouse, Javier Ungría, enjoyed a happy and challenging existence that was mostly focused on their kids and family.

After their daughter Camila was born, their family life grew more dynamic. On April 21, 2023, Camila turned three years old.

This milestone falls at a period of great turmoil as Javier and Elena go to court to settle issues pertaining to their cherished daughter.

Even if they are not married, Elena and Javier still have a great affection for Camila.

Javier, a businessman renowned for his tact and dedication to his daughter, is willing to defend his legal rights and refuses to be called a bad father.

In 2016, Elena Tablada and Javier Ungría started their journey together, which culminated in a stunning Miami wedding in 2018. Later, in Havana, Cuba, they had a beautiful religious wedding.

Early in 2022, problems started to surface that ultimately led to their split.

Their love story, which once brought them joy, has now brought them to court as they fight for the greatest possible future for their daughter Camila.

Tablada Elena’s Daughters Camila Tablada Ungría And Ella

The talented Spanish jewelry designer Elena Tablada is a loving mother to her two stunning children, Ella and Camila Ungría Tablada.

The introduction of Camila into the lives of Elena and her now-divorced husband Javier Ungría brought about great happiness and change.

Camila has been a blessing to the family; she is described as a bright, vivacious, and character-filled girl with enthralling blue eyes.

Elena has shown her younger daughter how much she cares by spending more time with her by not enrolling Camila in daycare.

She knows that her time with Camila is limited, so she wants to cherish every special moment they have together. Their lives have been greatly brightened and made happier by Camila.

Elena’s oldest daughter Ella is thirteen years old and a teenager. She was the result of Elena’s prior union with well-known Spanish singer David Bisbal.

Ella is currently going through a stage of development known as preadolescence, which can provide particular difficulties for both parents and kids. Ella is a vital part of Elena’s life, even though their ages and phases of life differ.

She has a big influence on Elena’s identity as a mother because both of her daughters teach her important lessons.

Even though her girls were born ten years apart, Elena recognizes that she has matured much in that period.

She acknowledges that becoming a mother has caused her to experience some fears that she did not previously have.

Despite her recent split from Javier and the ensuing legal disputes, Elena never wavers in her devotion to her girls.

She wants Camila and Ella to grow up together and impart moral principles, and she wishes them all the best.

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