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Emma Bloomberg | Husband And Career

Emma Bloomberg

The CEO of Murmuration, an advocacy group for public education, is Emma Bloomberg. She is also well known for being the wealthy businessman, politician, and former mayor of New York City Mike Bloomberg’s daughter.

Emma, like her father, has made a business decision and engages in active philanthropy. In addition to her career, Bloomberg is a married lady. She got married a second time after her first marriage to Chris Frissora ended badly.

What Is Emma Bloomberg’s Estimated Net Worth?

She undoubtedly makes a significant income as the proprietor of Murmuration and a prosperous businesswoman. She hasn’t disclosed her actual net worth, though. Georgina Bloomberg, her spouse, has a net worth of $100 million, hence she is fairly wealthy.

Her father, however, is a multibillionaire. According to Forbes reports as of 2021, her father Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of $76.8 billion.

Emma Bloomberg’s Age, Education, and Wiki

Emma Bloomberg is the eldest child of Susan Brown and Michael Rubens Bloomberg, as was previously mentioned. She turned 42 years old in 2021 and was born on May 10, 1979.

Emma, who was raised by celebrities, was well-known from a young age. She got along well with her mother and father as well, but regrettably, her parents separated when she was just 14 years old.

Regarding her education, she attended Princeton College for her high school education. She afterward enrolled at Harvard University, where she completed her business and public administration degree.

The Bloomberg Siblings of Emma

Her parents have other children besides her. Georgina Bloomberg is her younger sister if you will. Her sister works in business, much like her. In addition to being the owner of the equestrian team New York Empire, Georgina acknowledges her own equestrian identity.

She has also taken part in a lot of tournaments and won cash prizes totaling thousands of dollars. She reportedly began competing at the young age of six.

In addition to her love of horses, Georgina is a generous person. Additionally, Emma and her sister appeared in the 2003 documentary Born Rich.

Just to be clear, the sisters have a wonderful connection and are now very close.

She is Murmuration’s CEO and founder.

In January 2002, Bloomberg started her professional career as a City of New York Mayoral Program Coordinator. Later, she worked for Pfizer as a Summer Associate in Marketing from January to September of 2006.

According to her LinkedIn, she founded and serves as CEO of Murmuration as of November 2014. Her career has been doing well.

Emma Bloomberg’s Marriage to Christopher Frissora and Her Divorce

Emma Beth Bloomberg was her birth name, and she had already been married twice. Her first marriage was to multimillionaire businessman and Maghan Advisors managing partner Christopher Paul Frissora. In addition, he is well-known for being the son of businessman Mark Frissora and his spouse Jennifer Frissora.

The wedding of Emma and Chris took place at her mother Susan’s house in North Salem, New York, on June 11, 2005. When they got married, Frissora was 25 years old and Bloomberg was 26. In their wedding gowns, the couple looked gorgeous together.

But how did everything between the two start? Well, Princeton College is where they initially crossed paths. They soon became friends and enrolled at Harvard University, where they graduated with master’s degrees in public administration and business. They quickly grew close friends, which paved the way for a love affair and marriage.

However, their romance didn’t last very long despite everything. Despite not making their divorce public, it is said that they parted ways more than ten years into their marriage.

From their marriage, they have a daughter.

Emma is married to Zelda Violet Frissberg, and they have a kid together. July 2015 saw her birth, more than ten years after her marriage. The couple still gets along well with their daughter despite their divorce.

Emma, the daughter of Mike Bloomberg, wed Jeremiah Kittredge. In 2020, Emma Bloomberg remarried following her divorce from Frissora. This time, it’s for Jeremiah Kittredge, the discredited champion of charter schools. He was the CEO of Excellent Schools Advocacy for a while, just so you know.

Rabbi Daniel Gropper of Westchester County officiated at their wedding, which took place in New York City, according to sources from The Daily Mail.

Even though the pair were married in 2019, they spent a year keeping their marriage a secret. Only in 2020 did they make their nuptials public. The couple seems to be enjoying a lovely married life.

Additionally, Chriss, Emma’s ex-husband, wed Valery Westhart twice.

Emma Participates in Charitable Initiatives

Bloomberg is an active philanthropist, as we have stated. She has already collaborated with a large number of nonprofit groups. She was the Robin Hood Foundation’s senior planning officer, according to the reports. Moreover, from July 2012 to March 2014, she served as the foundation’s chief of staff.

She also regularly participates in fundraising activities and charitable endeavors. She also works with Stand for Children, a nationwide grassroots advocacy group.

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