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Eric Roberts Wife Loved & Supported Him Despite His Addiction.

Eric Roberts

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Eric Roberts met the future wife of his life on a flight from New York to Los Angeles 30 years ago. They started talking on the train after realizing they both worked in the same field. They fell in love right away after meeting, and on August 16, 1992, they decided to get married.

Are Eric Roberts’ wife and already wed?

Eliza Roberts, his wife, is an actress and casting director who was given the name Eliza Rayfiel. The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is only a couple of her notable credits (1978).

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Sandy Dennis was Eric’s first wife, and the two of them had two kids together. He dated Dennis for five years before calling it quits with him in 1985. James and Eliza Simons were both production managers and producers. Morgan Simons and Keaton Simons are the children she had with Simons.

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As a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Morgan’s brother has collaborated with artists including Chris Cornell and Snoop Dogg. Eliza and Eric don’t have any biological children; instead, Kelly Cunningham, Eric’s previous wife, gave birth to the well-known actress Emma Roberts.

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In 1981, Eric was involved in a serious car accident that left him unable to speak or walk. He struggled to regain his ability to speak and walk after becoming paralyzed.

The actor, however, also fought a long battle with drug addiction that lasted decades. Eric was detained in 1987 on suspicion of possessing cocaine and marijuana. In addition, he was accused of punching a police officer and resisting arrest.

The actor spent about 36 hours in jail as a result before pleading guilty and being released. In 1995, Eliza and Eric got into an argument at home, and Eric was arrested for pushing Eliza against a wall.

The actor was released without suffering any legal ramifications after paying a $50,000 bond. Eric declared that he would stop using drugs as soon as he was released from prison. Eliza and Eric also came to an understanding to put an end to their argument.

He had “lived long enough to look back and call my acts as a former addict “stupid,” according to a Closer Weekly exclusive from 2019.

Since I didn’t commit suicide, Eric said, “I’m really lucky in that regard.” He later discussed how his open friendship with Eliza aided him in his recuperation. According to Eric, “a good relationship” is founded on intimacy and openness.

The actor constantly missed Eliza because she was not only his roommate but also his buddy, confidante, manager, and the first girl he ever kissed. With his wife at his side, Eric went on Lifestyle Magazine’s exclusive talk show in January 2018 and discussed how he overcame his drug addiction.

The actor remembers a time when he had to choose between continuing to abuse narcotics and giving them up to have a healthier life with Eliza.

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Eric is The brother of Julia Roberts and an American actor, Anthony Roberts. Among his credits are “Wolves of Wall Street,” “Runaway Train,” “Deadline,” and “Sicilian Vampire.” Roberts made his acting debut in the NBC television soap opera “How to Survive a Marriage.” He made his acting debut in the drama film “King of the Gypsies” in 1978.

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