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Esther Rantzen Smokes, Does She? Journalist receives Cancer Diagnosis, But Is She Currently Ill?

Esther Rantzen

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Esther Rantzen is an English journalist and television host who revealed her lung cancer diagnosis on January 29, 2023. Following her declaration, a common fan inquiry is “Is Esther Rantzen a smoker?”

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Esther Rantzen has made numerous contributions to society and is not just your average journalist and television host.

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She presented the BBC television program That’s Life! from 1973 to 1994. She was born Dame Esther Louise Rantzen.

Many of Rantzen’s admirers are naturally interested in following her daily activities because she has garnered acclaim for her work in both society and television.

Esther Rantzen Smokes, Does She?

As was previously noted, Rantzen revealed that she had lung cancer on January 29, 2023, shocking and confusing many of her admirers.

Since she revealed her cancer to the public, many of her well-wishers are curious to learn more about her history of smoking.

Contrary to popular opinion, smoking is not the main cause of lung cancer, even though it can increase your risk of getting the disease.

There is no denying that the journalist was a chain smoker back then, even though there are several other causes of lung cancer. She smoked nonstop for about ten years.

Esther struggled with weight when she was younger and turned to smoking heavily to help her quit.

Despite having quit smoking in the middle, she resumed smoking because of her weight increase.

Rantzen quit smoking once more and hasn’t looked back after learning about the dangers, though.

Journalist Received Cancer Diagnosis, But Is She Sick Currently?

Dame Esther Rantzen recently learned after being diagnosed with lung cancer that it can be challenging to find the disease in its early stages.

In her statement, Dame Esther, 82, said that she was diagnosed “in the last few weeks” and that the disease had spread.

The journalist said, “I would rather you heard the truth from me” and “because I find it hard to skulk around different hospitals wearing an implausible disguise.” She explained why she had chosen to be open about her situation.

She is also awaiting the results of the tests to decide the best line of action for her ailment.

Rantzen, 82, has been reflecting on her life as a result of her sickness, and she wishes to express her profound gratitude to everyone who has helped to make her life so great, pleasurable, and inspiring.

During her tenure at the BBC, Esther—a forerunner for many female broadcasters—became well-known. She is in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope she heals quickly.

Examining Esther Rantzen’s Personal Life

The well-known news personality was born in Berkhamsted, England, on June 22, 1940.

Henry Barnato Rantzen and Katherine Flora Rantzen welcomed her into this world.

Her mother and father were both killed in accidents, and she comes from a Jewish family.

Regarding her siblings, Priscilla N. Taylor is the youngest of Esther’s siblings.

She was married to British television producer, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and television executive, Desmond Wilcox, to talk about her love relationships.

The former couple was hitched in 1977 and remained together until Wilcox passed away in 2000.

Esther is not only a caring and compassionate wife and mother of Rebecca, Joshua, and Miriam Wilcox.

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