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Evan Stern | Net Worth And Relationship

Evan Stern

Canadian actor Evan Stern originally gained notoriety for his role in the science fiction film RoboCop (2014). The talented actor achieved significant success playing the part of Roald in the Canadian TV series Letterkenny, where Stern starred from 2016 to 20.

In the piece that follows, we will learn more about his early life, schooling, and profession!

Evan Stern: Who Is He? Childhood and Life Story

The 13th of October 1989 saw the birth of Canadian actor Evan Stern in Toronto. He is of Caucasian heritage and is a citizen of Canada. Relatively little information about his family history is available online.

The actor shared a picture of his father on Twitter back in February 2020. “Your dad looks like a cross between Anthony Edwards and Robert Downey Jr.” said one of his admirers. He was raised in Toronto, as was his younger brother. Evan often posts pictures of himself and his younger brother on social media.

He completed his education at Queen’s University.

Evan continued his education in Kingston, Ontario’s Queen’s University. The actor reportedly relocated to England and studied at Herstmonceux Castle’s The Bader International Study Center for a full year.

The University awarded him a Bachelor of Arts in Drama Studies in 2011.

Evan Stern’s Acting Career: Letterkenny’s Roald

In 2012, Stern made his feature debut in the short film Showdown at Susty Springs. His part in the wildly successful film Showdown at Dusty Springs (2014) helped him become well-known early on. The actor also worked on a number of other productions that year, including Dead Rivalry, Three Touches, and The Desist.

In 2015, he made his television debut as a voice actor for the show Mia and Me. Stern played Brian in the two Bitten episodes a year later. In addition, Stern landed the parts of Genner in Killjoys (2018) and Roach in The Strain (2017).

Evan’s breakthrough performance occurred in 2016 when he was cast as Roald, a supporting role in the sitcom Letterkenny. He stayed in the role until 2020, appearing on screen with Andrew Herr, Nathan Dales, and Kamilla Kowal.

The Comedy Network television series depicts the Letterkenny people’s way of life. Letterkenny Problems, a short-form online series, was its original format. Numerous awards, including the Canadian Comedy Awards, were also won by the series.

In addition, Stern is the host of the Sleep Tight Fcker podcast. He talks about thriller films on the show mostly.

Evan Stern Seldom Discusses His Relationship Situation

Every aspect of Evan Stern’s private life has remained private. He never disclosed any of his connections to the public. On his Twitter profile, the actor has, nonetheless, made a few mentions of a potential partner.

On July 2, 2017, the performer shared on Twitter,

girlfriend cradling my nephews! Yes, it is correct. Two infants. TWINS were born to my sister-in-law! How many babies is that? Kenji and Taizo

On October 17, Evan added in a letter,

My girlfriend believes that I have a “bad habit” of leaving half-full water cups lying about the flat. To which I reply, “Have you fucking SEEN Signs?”

It appears like Stern is having a secret relationship, but he hasn’t revealed who his partner is.

In addition, Stern gets along well with Kenji and Taizo, his twin nephews. He frequently updates them on his lovely photos on Instagram and Twitter.

Evan Stern Partner: Who Is It?

Apart from the rumors mentioned above, Even is supposedly dating Alanna Bale at the moment. Despite the fact that neither Stern nor his rumored lover Bale have publicly acknowledged their relationship, their sporadic social media posts give away something very private

His other half is an actor, much like Evan. After a breakthrough performance on The Prime Radicals (2011–2014), she became well-known. Since then, she has contributed to a few TV shows, including You Killed My Mother, The Machine, and The Glass Castle.

In addition, Bale was cast as Courtney in Good Witch (2016–18). Also, her work on Cardinal from 2017 to 20 is what made her more well-known.

Evan Stern’s Wealth

The Letterkenny star’s net worth as of 2021 is $300,000, according to internet sources. The main source of his income is his acting profession.

Additional Brief Details About Evan Stern

  • Stern will be 31 years old in 2021.
  • He is 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches) tall.
  • At the moment, Evan lives in Toronto.
  • He loves dogs as well.

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