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Fabiola Valentín

Fabiola Valentín

Fabiola Valentn, a model and former beauty pageant champion from Puerto Rico, was born on September 9, 1999, making her 23 years old.

Fabiola Valentín has a reputation for acting as a model for many companies and magazine covers. Both Miss Grand International 2020 and Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 featured her as a representative of her native Puerto Rico.

Who is Fabiola Valentín?

Numerous well-known celebrities follow this young model, who is 23 years old, on social media. She has modeled on the catwalk for well-known companies including H&M.

Where was Fabiola Valentín born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

In a recent interview, Fabiola Valentn said that her real name is Fabiola K. Valent. She claimed that Camuy, Puerto Rico, was where she was born. Her birth year is 1999. The 9th of September 2022 marked her 23rd birthday. Aside from this, Fabiola developed a liking for modeling after she reached the height of 5 feet, 11 inches as a teenager.

After finishing school, she started working on local modeling jobs. She graduated from the University of Sagrado Corazón with a degree in journalism. Throughout her degree, she acquired communication abilities. She currently presents herself as a communicator and model.

born a mixed-race person Fabiola Valentn is pleased with her relatives. She never forgets to give thanks to her relatives, who are from the Camuy community in Puerto Rico. Fabiola may have participated in several interviews over the past few years, but she never responded to a question regarding her family.

Aside from that, she has already presented Mariana Jessica Varela, her wife, to her family. Mariana will now share Fabiola’s joy with her entire family.

Is Fabiola Valentín Married? Relationship

Mariana Jessica Varela and Fabiola Valentn first crossed paths on the stage of the Miss Grand International 2020 competition held in Thailand. They came into contact with one another after that. They afterward were engaged to one another.

Mariana and Fabiola used to exchange pictures of their time spent together in picturesque settings before being married. But even though they initially shared their photos with followers, they never made it known that they were dating. On the unexpected day of October 28, 2022, both models shocked their followers by revealing that they are wed.

Fabiola and Marianna were wed in a secret ceremony; on April 4, 2021, Miss Fabiola shared their first photo. Let us introduce you to Mariana Jessica Varela, the 2019 Miss Universo Argentina beauty pageant winner who is also an actor and model from Argentina.

How did Fabiola Valentín start her Professional Career?

When she announced her marriage on Instagram in October 2022, Puerto Rican model Fabiola Valentn made headlines. Yes, the 23-year-old model is currently married. She married Argentine model Mariana Varela and came out as queer.

After a protracted romance, they decided to call it quits on October 28, 2022. Friends and other beauty queens have praised Fabiola for starting her new career.

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