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Fake Face Reveal Of Faceless Streamer Corpse Husband Goes Viral

Corpse Husband

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In 2015, Corpse Husband launched his YouTube career by streaming Among Us alongside other social media stars. He rose to fame as a narrator of horror tales, most of which were taken from Reddit message boards, and as a side musician.

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But despite spending seven years online, he has managed to remain anonymous, and no one is aware of his appearance.

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He presents himself as a faceless streamer using a variety of anime-inspired avatars, most of which have their faces hidden. Fans are even more intrigued by the author because he frequently displays reluctance to expose his identity to the public.

As a result, his fan base keeps expanding, although this is not the only factor in his notoriety. Due to his GERD issue, which he has previously discussed, the streamer has a very deep voice.

Even though they have never seen him before, they have imagined a lovely Greek god based on what they have heard.

Fake Face Reveal of the Corpse Husband Goes Viral

Fans went bonkers when word of the streamer’s facial reveal went viral on TikTok. The anonymous artist uploaded a TikTok clip of his most recent song, “Poltergeist,” on April 9, 2022.

At the very end, there are many seconds of a long shot of a thin human crouched with their hand covering half of their face as wings emerge from the shadows.

Even though the apparent unveiling caused admirers to go wild, the creator did not authenticate what many of them believed to be his or her image.

Sadly, other fans pointed out that it was not a real photograph in the comments, and the matter was quickly resolved.

But curious admirers persisted, and in July 2022, a new reveal went viral on Twitter—this time, it wasn’t for the right reasons.

Personal Information of the Dead Husband Online

Unknown as to how the shot came to be, it appeared online with a boy who appeared to be 16 years old and claimed to be the streamer.

Unfortunately, the streamer received criticism for not being as handsome as others had anticipated.

Twitter was flooded with insulting memes and remarks made about the claimed visage of Corpse Husband. Fans of the creator, though, defended him and responded to the disparaging remarks.

They pointed out that Corpse Husband never claimed that he was attractive and accused the trolls of fabricating evidence to create the impression that he was something he was not.

“Your response to Corpse Husband’s false appearance leak has effectively ended all of our prospects of ever getting a revelation. When he says he won’t meet your expectations, do you laugh in his face when he doesn’t? Way to show him wrong,” one supporter tweeted.

To make matters worse, all of Corpse Husband’s personal information, including his real name and address, was leaked online.

However, it is unknown whether the information that was leaked is accurate. The streamer has made no comments regarding the entire incident.

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