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Fans Of Grayson Dolan Are Outraged By Rumors Of His Relationship

Grayson Dolan

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Grayson Dolan is best known as one of the Dolan Twins on YouTube. Since their teenage years, the twins have amassed over 10.7 million YouTube subscribers and millions more on TikTok and Instagram.

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Due to their early success, their fans have become an integral part of their lives, which is why many of Grayson’s followers were outraged over his supposed relationship with Tyson, a social media influencer.

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The supposed new girlfriend of Grayson has disappointed his followers.

The notion that Grayson was dating a social media influencer garnered him a great deal of unwanted publicity near the end of 2020. The uproar began when his admirers turned to Twitter in response to a viral photo of him walking with a woman.

Tyson, an Instagram influencer, model, and musician, was quickly identified by his followers as the girl. In contrast to his past romantic stories, this one did not receive much support from his supporters, especially after it was revealed that Tyson was engaged to Los Angeles-based photographer and director Austin William Simkins.

Simkins and Tyson apparently dated for more than three years, and the photographer was also friends with Grayson. There were rumors that the model and Grayson had an affair. Multiple stories appeared about Tyson’s previous relationship with Grayson’s twin, Ethan, further complicating matters.

Grayson and Tyson were both silent on the topic. When queried by a Tea Page on Instagram, Simkins confirmed the reports.

Grayson was previously involved with Elizabeth Seward

Grayson, like his brother Ethan, has kept his romantic life quiet for a long time, thus the majority of women are unaware of it.

He is romantically linked with a simple subject of fan speculation. Additionally, he dated James Charles, Madison Beer, Sofia Olivera, Chloe Alison, and Olivia O’Brien in the past.

Grayson Dolan was previously romantically linked to model Elizabeth Seward before he began dating Tyson. When the two were in Paris at the same time, there were rumors that they were dating.

The timing coincided with Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and it was not inconceivable that both parties would attend the event.

Fans referred to the two’s Instagram stories and posts, but the convincing proof was lacking. Grayson and Seward stayed silent on the matter, therefore it was never determined if the rumors about their relationship were accurate.

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