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Faye Hadley | Career And Relationship,

Faye Hadley

Faye Hadley works as a mechanic, a TV personality, and an influencer on social media. Her most well-known works are from TV reality series, including Motor MythBusters (2021), All Girls Garage (2021), and Best of Top Gear (2019).

In a similar vein, she is an ASE-certified automotive technician who also creates instructional videos for her Piston & Pixie Dust website and YouTube channel. In addition, she studied psychology at Harvard University before graduating and getting her licensure as a therapist. She therefore works as a mechanic in addition to having a degree in psychology.

What Is Faye Hadley’s Net Worth?

She has a broad career, as we have stated. Faye has hosted TV shows and is an influencer on social media. She is well known for being an auto technician. Faye has undoubtedly accumulated a respectable sum from her professional career. She is worth $65,000 if some of the websites are to be believed.

Hadley Faye Age, Education, and Formative Years

On September 25, 1986, Faye was born in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. She will be 36 years old in 2022. She was reared by her parents in her hometown and was born under the sign of Libra.

Regarding her parents, her father holds a Ph.D. from the esteemed University of Massachusetts, while her mother, Cindy Copeland, is thought to be a stay-at-home mom. Speaking of her schooling, she received a scholarship to Harvard University and finished with a degree in psychology.

In addition, she is of white ethnic heritage and is an American national.

Why Did Faye Hadley Change Her Career to Be an Automotive Technician?

She majored in psychology, as was previously indicated. Faye began working as a therapist with her degree, but she was unhappy with her job. She had an interest in cars since she was in middle school. She was therefore uncertain about whether to follow her passion and quit her job as a therapist.

About this, she stated in a special interview,

My mother saw that I was happiest when I was using an automobile to solve a problem. “Faye, you have nothing to prove to anyone,” she uttered. You have one life to live.

Following that, she just quit her job as a therapist and moved to Portland to pursue her profession as an automobile technician, which was her ideal job.

Hadley Has Become An ASE Master Certified Technician: Her Professional Background

She came to Portland, as previously mentioned, in search of a job in automobiles. Faye had some trouble finding work at first, but eventually, one employer hired her for an unpaid internship. Concurrently, as an unpaid intern, he attended some automobile training lessons. She eventually found employment at a Toyota dealership after a year.

Having worked in several different shops, she was always changing locations, but her former coworkers followed her everywhere she went. She stated,

I observed that my clients were trailing me. They claimed that they felt at ease conversing with me. I so began instructing fundamental automotive classes after work.

This gave her some inspiration to strike out on her own, and she eventually opened Piston & Pixie Dust, an instructional website and vehicle repair store. She also held positions as a Toyota Specialist and a supra enthusiast, according to the website Piston & Pixie Dust.

Faye Has A Prosperous TV Career As Well

She made her broadcast debut in 2019 on the reality show All Girls Garage, according to IMDb. In 2020, a year later, she was a host on the television program Best of Top Gear. Faye was also seen hosting the TV show Holiday Hooptie Challenge that same year.

Additionally, in the TV series Shift Talkers from 2020 to 2021, an auto mechanic makes an appearance as a self-panelist. She has served as the host of Holiday Hooptie Challenge II and Motor MythBuster.

Given that Faye Hadley is married, who is her husband?

Hadley has been wed for six years. She is married to a wood artisan by the name of Brandon Hadley. The couple was married on September 25, 2016, following a year of courtship that began in 2015. The couple had first met in 2015.

They have been living together happily ever since. The husband and wife team are content in their Canyon Lake, Texas, residence. They continue to exchange pictures on their individual social media platforms. Faye’s husband, Brandon, posted a photo of the two of them on March 28, 2018, with the message,

I am extremely fortunate to be married to someone who not only lights up my heart but also understands how much I long to spend time in the great outdoors! You truly do form a part of me. You are undoubtedly mine if soulmates exist at all.

The married couple recently debuted together on their YouTube channel with the TACOMA BUILD CONTENT, as they announced on August 12, 2022, on Instagram.

Faye Hadley’s other social media handles are handled by her verified Instagram account.

With 130k followers, she maintains a very active Instagram account under the handle @pistonsandpixiedust. She also has 7,439 followers on Facebook under the pseudonym @MechanicalFaye. Additionally, a well-known auto mechanic with 70.7k followers is also visible on TikTok under the pseudonym @fayehadleyofficial.

She also has 131k subscribers to her own YouTube channel with the same name. Her most recent video, which was posted on September 2, 2022, was titled “Prepping Fuel Tanks for Short-Term Storage and Replacing Every Casket.” She creates educational videos for her YouTube channel.

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