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Franco Cozzo | Married Twice, First And Second Wife

Franco Cozzo

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Franco Cozzo is a well-known Italian and Australian businessman. The Italian business magnate is well-known for his thriving furniture business. Palazzo di Cozzo has also written about his life.

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Regardless of changing furniture tastes, Cozzo remains a popular brand. Cozzo has been a staunch supporter of multiculturalism in Victoria for more than 50 years.

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Aside from his professional life, his demeanor has sparked a lot of attention. For example, who is Franco Cozzo’s wife? Is he the biological father of any children? In today’s post, we’ll take a peek at the television personality’s personal life. Continue reading to learn more.

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Who Is Antonietta, Franco Cozzo’s First Wife?

Franco Cozzo’s first wife is Antonietta. The furniture legend married his first wife before 1980.

There isn’t much information on the former married pair. He divorced his first wife in the mid-1980s. One of the former couple’s few children was Luigi Cozzo. However, the exact number of their offspring is unknown.

Antonietta, Franco Cozzo’s first wife, appears in the documentary series Palazzo di Cozzo only in historical photographs.

The series followed the business mogul’s life from the 1950s through the 2020s, leveraging his skills as an Italian-Australian entrepreneur.

Franco Assunta Cozzo Cozzo’s second wife

After divorcing his first wife, Franco Cozzo found a new love. For the second time, he married Assunta Cozzo. They’ve been blissfully married for decades.

Assunta Cozzo features in the Palazzo di Cozzo series as well. Franco and Mrs. Cozzo had several children during their long and loving marriage.

Franco Cozzo has 10 children, nine of them are daughters and one of which is a son. Although nothing is known about the businessman’s children, such as their birth dates and whereabouts, it is assumed that they are doing well.

Furthermore, Madeleine Martiniello, the director of Palazzo di Cozzo, claimed that after four years of working on the film, she became close to Franco and his second wife, Assunta. The director and the Cozzos have become close.

The amusing documentary by Martiniello features a social history of migration in Melbourne as well as a biography of the Italian-Australian businessman.

The novel follows Cozzo’s trip from Sicily, where he toiled with his father breaking horses, to Australia and the hope of a better life. He was barely 21 years old when he arrived in January 1957. Cozzo looks to have had the perfect existence.

Franco Cozzo’s son, Luigi Cozzo, was arrested for drug trafficking.

Franco Cozzo is the father of ten children, the eldest of them is Luigi Cozzo. The entrepreneur and his first wife, Antonietta, share Luigi.

The older Cozzo was charged with narcotics trafficking in 1992. Franco once remarked that the predicament was the result of his fatherly leniency and Luigi’s folly.

Furthermore, five years before he was condemned to prison in 1992, Luigi was acquitted of threatening to kill Franco.

Con Heliotis was Luigi’s lawyer, according to Trove. The lawyer contended that his client had spent his entire life trying tirelessly to please his ambitious and wealthy father. He was, however, usually disregarded or chastised.

According to the same source, Franco Cozzo began dating one of his secretaries after divorcing his first wife and children.

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