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Gena Tew Revealed That She Has Been Diagnosed With AIDS

Gena Tew

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Gena Tew, an Instagram model, has documented her health journey after being diagnosed with AIDS. Two days prior, Tew had posted a TikTok video in which she informed her admirers that she was ill and on the verge of death before doctors noticed what was wrong with her.

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Medical personnel informed her that she had been infected for eight to ten years, although she denied knowing who gave her the virus.

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The social media figure, who has been linked to numerous A-list hip-hop performers such as Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Dave East, and Chief Keef, has suggested that she will not expose the identities of anyone who may be in danger.

Gena Tew revealed in her most recent video, in which she discussed the potential ways she contracted AIDS, that she had been sexually assaulted several times while homeless and residing in New York.

She then continued:

“I’ve received a few free tattoos, so the needle may have been dirty.” Do I recognize any of these individuals? No. Did I say anything during the occurrence of those events? No. Because I was young, inexperienced, and naive.”

In her health updates, the influencer also disclosed that she was unaware of the diagnosis because she had not been tested in the previous decade. According to the influencer’s videos, she contracted the virus between the ages of 17 and 19.

What is Gena Tew’s age? Detailed information about the model.

Gena Tew, is a 27-year-old influencer, with over 401k followers on TikTok and around 20k followers on Instagram. The social media celebrity is well-known for her fashion and modeling-related social media posts.

She has also put several cover songs online, including her rendition of Alina Baraz’s Electric and several Adele tracks. In 2015, the influencer also posed for The Cover Magazine.

The influencer often maintains her social media accounts. At the time of writing, her most recent post portrayed her with pink hair. Also, the influencer has been uploading videos with her followers detailing her AIDS diagnosis.

Tew has revealed that she is now confined to a wheelchair due to her inability to walk. She dropped a substantial amount of weight once the virus infected her body, recalling weighing only 65 pounds at one point.

Gena also disclosed that her disease has caused her to lose vision in one eye. She told her fans about her health status in one of her health updates.

“In the first few days after finding I had AIDS, I was so weak that I struggled to concentrate and speak.”

As the influencer continues to share her journey online, her comment section has been flooded with encouraging remarks from her fans.

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