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Here Are The 5 Unknown Facts About Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash

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Niecy Nash, an Emmy-winning actress and television personality, recently played Glenda Cleveland in the September 21 Netflix original series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, portrayed by Evan Peters, is the focus of the show, which was produced by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. His 13-year killing spree began in 1978 and primarily targeted young, homosexual males of color.

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The program details the events leading up to the infamous “Milwaukee Monster’s” birth as well as his conviction in 1991. The show emphasizes the painful experiences of Dahmer’s victims and portrays the incident from the viewpoints of both these victims and Dahmer’s neighbors.

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The Niecy Nash persona One of Dahmer’s neighbors, Glenda Cleveland, was among the first to notice his behavior and call the police.

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Five things about Niecy Nash that you might not know

1) Niecy Nash graduated from California State University with a degree in drama

Niecy Nash majored in drama at California State University, which is not surprising given that the degree surely helped her develop into a fantastic performer. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Niecy Nash disclosed:

I decided to become an actor when I was five years old after seeing Lola Falana on television.

Although Nash started her career making reservations for an airline, she quickly advanced to star in several well-known shows, such as the comedies Reno 911!, Getting On, and When They See Us.

2) All three of Nash’s children are actors

Don Nash, Niecy Nash’s first spouse, and the couple have three kids together. Their 13-year marriage lasted from 1994 to 2007. Dominic, Donielle, and Dia are their three children, and they are all entertainers. The Soul Man includes Dominic and Donielle Nash as well as their mother Nash.

Additionally, Donielle has made guest appearances on sitcoms like Grown-ish, Never Have I Ever, and Modern Family. With her mother, Dia Nash has starred in several television shows, such as Reno 911!, Claws, and Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, in which she portrays Sandra Smith, Glenda Cleveland’s daughter.

3) Niecy Nash and her current spouse also have a clothing line

When Niecy Nash wed singer Jessica Betts in an elegant ceremony in August 2020, she came out as bisexual. Before their wedding, the couple dated in secret before making their engagement public. Additionally, they were the first same-sex couple to grace the cover of Essence.

Nash and Betts worked together to create a clothing line that celebrates the love and the greatness of Black LGBTQ people. Their married name and allusions to the project fusing the best of each of them are incorporated into the label, “Betts of Both Worlds.”

4) On Oprah’s recommendation, Nash is currently working on her second book

It’s Hard to Fight Naked, a self-help book by Niecy Nash, was released in 2013. In an interview with Kevin Frazier for Entertainment Tonight, Niecy revealed that Oprah Winfrey’s guidance led her to start writing a second book. She added that Winfrey, a rumored Nash devotee, had spoken to her about writing a book on her ground-breaking relationship with Jessica Betts.

5) Nash has assisted several charitable organizations

Nash has worked with a variety of significant institutions. She served as the group’s spokesperson (Mothers Against Violence in Schools). After Nash’s younger brother, Michael, tragically perished in a school shooting that year, her mother founded the group in 1993. Before they chose to shut down the M.A.V.I.S, Niecy helped her mother operate it.

Additionally, she has contributed her time to organizations like Dress for Success and the American Cancer Society. Additionally, Nash helped Wendy Raquel Robinson, a friend, and fellow actress, at her non-profit Amazing Grace Conservatory, which trains and mentors aspiring performers.

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