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“How to Become a Cult Leader” A Documentaries Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

How to Become a Cult Leader

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A new Netflix documentary series called How to Become a Cult Leader is anticipated to delve deeply into the minds of cult leaders, who have long piqued people’s curiosity.

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The main focus of the unusual television series is what drives someone to become a cult leader. On July 28, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET, the six-part series, which will be narrated by renowned actor Peter Dinklage, will make its Netflix debut.

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The official How to Become a Cult Leader Netflix synopsis is as follows:

This six-part, Peter Dinklage-narrated series follows the ascent of six cult leaders as they acquire unwavering devotion, enduring loyalty, and the power to manipulate people’s minds, bodies, and souls. The film How to Become a Cult Leader will include interviews with Marshall Applewhite, Charles Manson, and other cult leaders.

In contrast to previous Netflix cult films, How to Become a Cult Leader is probably going to approach the dismal subject matter differently.

The next series’ teaser was released to the public on July 12, 2023. It gave a tantalizing sneak peek of the show. The new show will give viewers in-depth analyses of cults including the Manson Family, Jonestown, and Heaven’s Gate.

Beginning with ominous music and brief glimpses of numerous leaders, the teaser gives viewers a taste of the emotional roller coaster they might anticipate. Peter Dinklage’s voiceover can be heard in the background saying:

Love without boundaries, unwavering devotion… You can exert mental control over someone by delivering the right package to keep them away from the outside world. If you wish to lead a spiritual movement, you must truly display perfection.

The teaser’s fragments of interviews with former cult members and experts reveal horrifying truths about the lives of these leaders. Several ex-members of the cult spoke of their horrifying experiences, with one saying:

“Cult leaders adopt the stance that benefits them the most.”

How to Become a Cult Leader explores the enigmatic strategies employed by cult leaders to gain the constant devotion and subjection of their adherents. The documentary series examines the psychological underpinnings of the unconventional love and unwavering loyalty that, as the shrewdly suggestive trailer suggests, allow these leaders to wield control over the minds, bodies, and souls of followers.

Using psychological research and testimonies, the series sheds light on the methods cult leaders employ to erode individual identities and promote a sense of reliance. One of the trailers’ occupants explains:

Everyone experiences vulnerable and lost feelings occasionally throughout life. I’ve got it, good cult leaders will enter and proclaim.

The program claims to illuminate some of the most infamous cult leaders in history. One such leader is Marshall Applewhite, the enigmatic figurehead of Heaven’s Gate. The film How to Become a sect Leader also includes Jim Jones, whose sect was responsible for the horrific Jonestown Massacre that claimed over 900 lives.

The second installment of Netflix’s How To Become… series, How to Become a Cult Leader, takes viewers on an eye-opening journey into the bizarre world of cults. On July 28, 2023, Netflix will start streaming the program.

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