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iDubbbz Met His Wife Because Of An Error In Hotel-Booking At TwitchCon!


Ian Carter, Ian W, or iDubbbz. Regardless of what you choose to name him, he is among the most well-known YouTube creators.

The person who created the “Content Cop” video series is wed and has been with his wife, Anisa Jomha, for a considerable amount of time. When they first met, they clicked at TwitchCon. However, their encounter had not been prearranged. She made a mistake with her hotel arrangements, which led to everything.

iDubbbz’s wife Anisa Jomha and His Meeting

Both Jomha and iDubbbz produce stuff. They both enjoy using Twitch and have been using the streaming service for a time.

So it comes as no surprise that their first encounter took place at TwitchCon. However, the manner their initial encounter took place was quite fortunate.

In January 2017, Jomha revealed how she met her future husband during an AMA.

She mentioned that she met iDubbbz, or Ian, at TwitchCon, though she did not specify which year it was, at the 6:30 point of her AMA part 2 video. She reserved a few days and nights at a hotel in order to join the sizable gathering.

iDubbbz did, however, reserve her hotel for an additional day and night because she was “an idiot.” The streaming festival was ended, and everyone else had already left when she was stuck there.

She went on Twitter at the hotel while she was by herself and had nothing to do. There, she noticed iDubbbz spam-tweeting. She assumed he was bored too right away.

She was also aware of his San Diego residence. iDubbbz sent him a text since she assumed he might like to hang out. He replied by inviting me to lunch. She was “extremely anxious to eat” when he took her to a run-down taco joint. So she simply ordered a drink and they started conversing.

They spoke for “3 or 4 hours,” and according to her, they “just clicked really, really well.”

They went to his car after getting supper, and their chat continued there. But she began to wonder whether he had had enough of her when he abruptly pulled out his car keys. Things immediately got uncomfortable.

They parted ways with an awkward hug after he had driven her to her hotel. She figured he wouldn’t text her ever again, but he also believed the same thing: perhaps she wasn’t interested in him. But to her amazement, he texted her back to let her know that he had arrived home safely. The two of them had been together since their chats began to pick up again. On January 27, 2017, she had just moved to San Diego when she posted the video.

The OnlyFans controversy and the love life of iDubbbz and Anisa Jomha

After dating Jomha for over four years, iDubbbz popped the question to her in April 2021. On April 24, 2021, the couple made their engagement public by showcasing her engagement ring on TikTok and Twitter. Jomha mentioned on her Twitter post that he proposed to her after seeing the Demon Slayer film.

In June 2021, they wed secretly in Las Vegas. She announced their wedding on Twitter once more. On her wedding announcement, she posted four images of the couple dressed in their wedding gowns and said, “We eloped yesterday and now thanks to Elvis and the state of Nevada we are officially married.

She donned a patterned, almost see-through dress, while he wore a straightforward shirt and pair of pants with an eccentric tie.

The duo has had challenges in their relationship, something iDubbbz is familiar with. The internet ridiculed iDubbbz in March 2020 after users discovered Jomha had created an OnlyFans account previously. In this instance, the term “simp” implied that he was the weaker or more subordinate partner in his relationship with his then-girlfriend.

The well-known YouTuber initially participated in the teasing and the memes that were being made about him. On March 28, 2020, he would respond in a video, saying that a faction on the internet had gone too far and was even “personally hurt and betrayed.”

He said on the controversy and the rude and hurtful comments made by some after his ex-girlfriend joined the adult content portal “I’m completely fine with it because I adore my girlfriend. I am unaffected by it. If this offends you, I suggest you go worship someone else instead.”

A few other YouTubers, most notably PewDiePie, added their opinions to the debate, but things quickly got resolved. The couple is still together, and they frequently talk about each other on social media. She continues to participate on OnlyFans.