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Iko Uwais Wife: Meet Audy Item Married Life And Age Gap

Iko Uwais

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Iko Uwais’s wife and his married life are topics of interest to many people. Let’s learn all we can about his life and work.

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Iko Uwais is an Indonesian actor, stuntman, martial artist, and fight choreographer.

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He has received widespread acclaim for his performances in action movies including Merantau, The Raid, The Raid 2, Headshot, and Mile 22.

He has established himself in the field thanks to roles in The Night Comes for Us, Stuber, and the Netflix series Wu Assassins.

Iko comes from a long line of martial artists, particularly his grandpa, a silat master. Even a silat school was created by his grandpa.

Iko started silat training when he was ten years old, continuing in his family’s martial arts tradition.

The Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans later discovered his remarkable martial arts acting abilities.

Gareth found his skill and saw his potential in the profession when he went to Iko’s Silat school for a documentary in 2007.

Iko was propelled into the business of filmmaking when he was given the chance to play the main role in one of his movies since he was aware of his skill.

Audy Item, Iko Uwais’ wife, is here

Audy Item, a singer, is Uwais’ wife. On June 25, 2012, they exchanged vows at the Hotel Gran Mahakam in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Atreya Syahla Putri Uwais and Aneska Layla Putri Uwais are the names of the couple’s two children.

The youngest of the three children born to jazz musician Jopie Item and Evie Aquanthie Aziz is the Indonesian singer Audy.

In addition, Stevie Item, Item’s oldest brother, plays guitar in the group Andra and The Backbone.

After her first song “Janji Diatas Ingkar” was published and met with amazing success on the Indonesian music charts, Iko Uwais Wife began her musical career in 2002.

Audy released her first studio album, “18,” which was called after her age at the time, after earning a recording deal with Sony BMG Music Indonesia.

The album had considerable commercial success and became a best-seller. It resulted in a number of hit songs and helped Audy earn multiple accolades at different yearly events.

These honors include the 2003 MTV Indonesia Awards Most Favorite Female Award and four Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards, including Best Pop Album.

The Age Gap And Married Life Of Iko Uwais

Iko, an actor and stuntman from Indonesia, and singer Audi have been married for twelve years.

Iko has been living a happy marriage. The couple has two lovely girls and has been together for more than ten years.

Iko and Audy have been able to cultivate their love despite having demanding occupations.

They keep up their love and support for one another, building a strong foundation for their family. The adorable couple can be seen supporting and encouraging one another on social media.

Their twelve years of blissful marriage are proof of their passion and commitment to one another.

On February 12, 1983, Maisyaroh and Mustapha Kamaluddin welcomed their son Uwais into the world. As of 2023, he is 40 years old.

Item, his wife, is 40 years old as well and was born on April 23, 1983.

As a result, they are both in their early 40s, with the spouse, Iko, being around two months older.

They both have prosperous careers in their respective sectors as well.

In contrast to Iko Uwais’s Wife, who has also had a very successful singing career, Uwais has made a name for himself as an actor and a skilled stuntman.

The pair further promotes products on their social media. As a result, they are enjoying a luxury lifestyle with their kids.

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