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Imaqtpie- Biography

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Michael Santana, best known online as Imaqtpie. He is a gamer, streamer, and internet star who rose to prominence through playing “League of Legends” professionally for the esports teams “Rock Solid,” “Delta Fox,” and “Team Dignitas.” He eventually left professional gaming to become a full-time streamer on Twitch and YouTube. He is currently one of the most well-known “League of Legends” players in the world. Since 2011, he has maintained an active online presence.

What is the Net Worth of Imaqtpie? Salary, Earnings

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As one of the most popular “League of Legends” streamers, Imaqtpie was able to make broadcasting and gaming his full-time job. According to credible sources, it is a very successful career Santana gets over $1 million per year from his streams alone and has a net worth of around $1 million.

Imaqtpie- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Imaqtpie was born on February 21, 1992, in Margate, Florida, the USA to Colombian and Cuban parents. Michael’s fascination with video games began when he was a child in his birthplace of Margate. On his old Sony Playstation console, one of the first games he played was “SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals.” He spent a lot of time with his pals playing online games, and when the multiplayer online battle arena game “League of Legends” first came out, Michael and his friends decided to give it a try because it was free to download. They were quickly captivated, and they spent countless hours conversing to each other and refining their game skills. Michael chose the name Imaqtipie because his mother frequently called him “cute” or “cutie,” and it has since become his trademark.

Imaqtpie- Relationship, Married Life

In his personal life, Imaqtpie married his long-term fiancée in a surprise ceremony on July 6, 2018. Their wedding was significant because Michael stuck true to his style, saying his vows in a plain black t-shirt, dark shorts, and black sneakers. They both live in California.

Imaqtpie- Professional Career

After months of playing “League of Legends,” Santana’s buddies proposed that they enter a local tournament together; he accepted, and his team advanced to the finals. At this competition, he was seen by another “League of Legends” rising star, William Li, also known by his online handle Scarra, who recruited Michael for his team called “Rock Solid” in April 2011, launching his professional career. Imaqtpie, Scarra, and Joedat Esfahani, aka Voyboy, were acquired by “Team Dignitas” a few months later, finally making it to the professional tier.

Imaqtpie indicated that he had no long-term plans for professional gaming at the time, but was tremendously thrilled for his accomplishment and extremely grateful to his parents, who had backed him from the minute he informed them he wanted to be a professional gamer.

Ascend to Fame

Imaqtpie was a well-known player within the game’s community by the time “League of Legends” reached its third season. His squad gained even more notoriety after they won the “IGN ProLeague” event in Atlantic City, collecting $10,000. In 2012, they won the “ Curse Invitational” in San Francisco for the second time, earning $20,000.

Over the next two years, “Team Dignitas” established itself as a formidable force, winning a number of tournaments and qualifying for the LCS World Championship.

Imaqtpie’s popularity grew in tandem with his team’s professional success. Other players and fans were drawn to him because of his odd appearance, laid-back demeanor, self-deprecating humor, and overall likability. Imaqtpie rose to become one of the world’s most popular and well-known “League of Legends” players.

Giving Up Competitive Gaming

When Imaqptie stated on his vlog that he was leaving professional gaming, fans were taken aback. Santana’s professional career ended on October 22, 2014, although he continued to play “League of Legends,” focusing his time and attention on streaming via Twitch and YouTube. He noted that, while he enjoyed playing competitively, he greatly preferred playing the game for the sake of having fun with his buddies, without ever having to criticize his teammates for underperforming or spending countless hours practicing tactics. As it turned out, this decision was ideal for Imaqtpie in every way – he was able to continue playing his favorite game from the comfort of his own home while still earning a substantial sum of money.

Twitch streaming and YouTube videos become his primary platforms and earning sources. On both platforms, he is still one of the most popular “League of Legends” players.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Imaqtpie is well-known for his one-of-a-kind appearance. In his videos, he wears a white t-shirt and shorts and has long lustrous black hair. He stands at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.81m).

Social Media Details

Imaqtpie’s official YouTube channel presently has over 1.6 million members, and his videos have received over 600 million views since joining the platform in 2007.

He is one of Twitch’s most popular streams, with over 2.6 million followers on his Twitch account. In addition, he is active on Twitter, where he has approximately 370,000 followers.

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