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Indira Ampiot | Parents, Miss Guadeloupe, Beatrice Tejou

Indira Ampiot

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Indira Ampiot parents are Didier Ampiot and Beatrice Tejou. While Miss France’s mother works in social security, her father owns a communication and marketing firm.

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On December 17, 2022, Indira Ampiot, a French model and beauty contestant, was named Miss France 2023. She is the fourth resident of Guadeloupe to receive the prestigious award.

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The Guadeloupe native has already received the titles of Miss Basse-Terre 2022 and Miss Guadeloupe 2022. Her name translates to splendor and beauty. These words sum up the young model well.

She was named the new Miss France by the head of the election jury and actor Francis Huster. She succeeded Diane Leyre as Miss France 2022.

Let’s learn more about Miss France 2023, the lovely girl featured in this article, including her family (parents, siblings, and many more).

Who Are the parents of Indira Ampiot? Here are her parents:

Indira Ampiot was welcomed by her parents Didier Ampiot and Beatrice Tejou on September 19, 2004, the day of her birth.

Her dad runs a marketing and communication firm, and her mother works in the social security industry. When she was two years old, the model’s parents divorced.

Indira also has an older sibling who was born four years earlier. She dedicated her title to her family, notably to her late grandmother who served as an inspiration, during her first address as the new Miss France.

The gorgeous young woman claimed that her grandma was her hidden source of inspiration and helped her win Miss Guadeloupe. Her grandma tragically went away last year.

The beautiful girl seems to have a close relationship with her family. Her family also gives her unwavering support and believes in her dream.
First runner-up Indira Ampiot Mother is Miss Guadeloupe 1998.

Indira Ampiot, the new Miss France, revealed during her speech that Beatrice Tejou, her mother, had run for Miss Guadeloupe in 1998. According to Time.News, she was only one step away from taking home the prestigious award.

Indira continued by saying that while her mother ran in a few other contests, such as Miss Caribbean, she was unable to run in Miss France.

Indira claimed to be a fan of her mother and to have saved her scarf, the election VHS videos, and photo albums. Since she was a young girl, she has desired to take part in a beauty pageant.

The model also admitted that she wanted to demonstrate that, even at the age of 18, one can achieve great things if they have faith in their aspirations. I’m only getting started, the young model declared.

Desires to Become Miss Universe Indira Ampiot

The brand-new Miss France is a young woman with lofty goals. She desires to vote in the selection of the new Miss Universe.

Before Miss France 2023 was revealed, she was asked to introduce herself in an interview with UP Jobs News, and she said her courage and determination, going after whatever she does and doing everything to achieve.

These statements give a strong indication of her confidence and desire.

Miss Guadeloupe 2022 stated in the same interview that she values compassion, motivation, and assisting those who are in need.

Indira wants to spend her year rediscovering her region and the people of France after obtaining the prestigious title.

She claimed that as a memorial to her grandmother, she wanted to draw attention to her cause, which is to aid cancer patients in regaining their self-confidence.

Indira Ampiot is a young, attractive, and self-assured woman who has faith in her dream. We hope the future holds more success for the new Miss France.

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