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Is Abbi Jacobson Lesbian | Relationship With Fiance Jodi Balfour

Abbi Jacobson

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She is recognized for co-creating and co-starring with Ilana Glazer in the Comedy Central series Broad City (2014–2019), she is most recognized for adapting the program from their web series of the same name. Additionally, she provided the voice of Princess Bean in the current series Disenchantment (2018–present) and Katie Mitchell in The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021).

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In addition to animation, she has acted in live-action movies such as 6 Balloons (2018) and Person to Person (2017). A League of Their Own (2022) on Amazon Prime is a series written and created by Abbi Jacobson.

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A lesbian, is Abbi Jacobson?

Abbi Jacobson is a well-known writer and actor with a large following throughout the world. Many people have been curious about Abbi Jacobson’s sexual orientation during her remarkable career trajectory: “Is she a lesbian?” The writer and cartoonist disclosed in a 2018 interview that she dates both men and women.

She also came out in public to say that she’s bisexual. Her revelation created a lot of ripples in the aftermath. Regardless of Jacobson’s sexual orientation, she is cherished for her current self and who she is. Abbi’s admirers are proud of and encourage her for her remarkable accomplishments.

The Bond Between Abbi Jacobson and Her Fiancé Jodi Balfour

Jodi Balfour, a South African actress born on October 29, 1986, has been Abbi’s longtime partner. Jodi Balfour concentrated her acting career on British and Canadian TV and film productions after graduating from college in 2009. Balfour’s professional acting accomplishments have been mostly in large and small-screen British and Canadian films after graduating in 2009. She also received a Canadian Screen Award for her work in the 2012–2013 television series Bomb Girls, where she played Gladys Witham.

Since then, beginning in 2019, Balfour has been as Ellen Waverly Wilson in the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind. Furthermore, before securing her current main role on the streaming series For All Mankind, award-winning Balfour received her big break with the television program Bomb Girls. Balfour made her sexual orientation known to the public on June 30, 2021, saying in an Instagram post that it was liberating to fully accept and explore her queerness.

Next, on October 24, 2021, Balfour revealed on Instagram that she has been seeing actress Abbi Jacobson for the last twelve months. Balfour and Jacobson got engaged in August 2022.

Abbi Jacobson’s Chronology of Dating

Sources claim that beginning in 2016, the renowned author and actress Abbi had a love relationship with Carrie Brownstein. A significant personal component of Abbi’s life was also characterized by this connection, which attracted some media and public attention because of the notoriety of both parties.

Renowned for her work in the sketch comedy series “Portlandia” and as a writer, actor, and musician, Carrie Brownstein is best recognized for her role in the band Sleater-Kinney. Moreover, her collaboration with Abbi added a new dimension of public awareness for LGBTQ+ partnerships, highlighting the variety of these partnerships. However, rather than growing into a strong, long-lasting friendship, Jacobson and Brownstein’s relationship ended abruptly.

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