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Is Bijou Phillips Weight Loss Linked To Blood Infection? Before And After Photo

Bijou Phillips

One significant part of Bijou Phillips’ health journey was her weight loss, which was a reflection of the physical toll that her renal illness and therapy had taken.

Renal illness was a secret for a number of years for Bijou Phillips, an actress and model until her health issues were revealed in 2017.

Many of her admirers and followers were taken aback by this disclosure, which revealed her long-standing medical problem that had mostly been kept secret from the public.

We will go into great depth about Bijou Phillips’ experience in this post, from her battle with kidney illness to the successful kidney transplant that transformed her life.

Examine her health’s effect on her personal life as well as her amazing metamorphosis, which includes a notable reduction in weight.

Weight Loss in Bijou Phillips Associated With Blood Infection

One obvious consequence of Bijou Phillips’ struggle with blood infection and renal problems was her weight loss.

In February 2017, she had a serious health scare when a blood infection and high fever sent her to a Santa Barbara hospital. Prior to this occurrence, she had been silently managing renal illness for years.

The fact that Bijou had been able to keep her health issues out of the public eye for a long period added to the shock of this revelation.

Her renal ailment had a significant negative influence on her health, necessitating dialysis, and a strict vegan diet in order to control the condition.

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She made an attempt, but her health kept getting worse, leading to the blood infection that sent her to the hospital.

Did Bijou Phillips Receive a Transplant of Her Kidney?

In 2017, Bijou Phillips had a kidney transplant after her hospital stay.

She was hospitalized, and the media and her social circle were shocked to learn that she would need a kidney transplant in order to live.

Despite her admirable attempts to control her disease with dialysis and a vegan diet, these measures were no longer enough to maintain her health. Though things were bad, there was a ray of optimism coming.

“Bijou recently found out she has a friend that is a match and is optimistic she will have a transplant soon,” a person close to Bijou told TMZ.

Bijou’s difficult and unpredictable road had a glimmer of hope in the form of a kidney transplant possibility. The prospect of getting a healthy kidney from a friend demonstrated how crucial having a solid support network is in times of need.

Bijou Phillips expressed her thankfulness and anxiety about the upcoming transplant on Instagram before to her operation.

Images Of Bijou Phillips Before And After

Bijou Phillips’ amazing metamorphosis was captured in her before and after pictures after her kidney donation went well.

Bijou’s health issues had an impact on how she looked before her kidney transplant. Her appearance showed the effects of dialysis, renal illness, and a vegan diet.

Her appearance had changed significantly from her previous lively and self-assured appearance; she seemed much thinner and more vulnerable.

Bijou’s medical condition and the therapy she was receiving were the causes of her weight reduction.

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Her goal was to get her health and energy back. Her metamorphosis served as evidence of her fortitude in the face of difficulty.

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