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Is Colby Brock Bisexual? Rumors From His Close Friendship

Colby Brock

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Colby Brock known as Cole Robert Brock, is a well-known person on social media. He became well-known as one half of the video-making duo Sam and Colby with his friend Sam Golbach.

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For their YouTube movies, they mostly go to haunted houses and other scary places. Colby Brock also has his own YouTube account called Colby Brock where he posts more scary and terrible videos. Today, we’re going to find out if Colby Brock is a sister.

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Is Colby Brock’s sexual orientation bisexual or gay?

Colby hasn’t said what his sexuality is in public. He was briefly linked to Amber Scholl, another YouTuber, but they now say they are “just friends.” Folks also said he was seeing YouTuber Sam Golbach, but Brock himself talked about that in one of his videos. Always keep in mind that someone’s sexuality is their own business and should be treated with care.

What leads fans to believe that Colby Brock is bisexual?

For different reasons, people talk about the idea that Colby might be gay in public. One big reason for these thoughts is his strong friendship with Sam Golbach. He lives with Sam and has a big online presence with Sam.

Furthermore, Colby Brock has not made public any information about his relationships, which has led to more speculation about his sexuality.

Also, Colby’s tweet in which he loved his LGBTQ fans has sparked conversations about his sexuality.

All of these things have made people think that Colby Brock might be bisexual, but he hasn’t said anything to support or deny these rumors.

Who is Colby Brock currently in a relationship with?

Colby is linked to a few people, but he likes to keep his personal life quiet. We know the following about the women he has dated:

  • People said that Colby was seeing fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl. After Colby and Amber made a movie with each other around the middle of 2020, people began to talk. They both said, though, that they are “just friends.”
  • Some people thought that Colby might be seeing Akira Akbar, who used to date Brennen Taylor’s ex-girlfriend. They are said to have met through mutual friends and have been dating since 2019.

Rumors regarding his bisexuality

While making one of his movies, Colby Brock talked about the rumors going around about his sexuality.

He once read stories that made it sound like he was dating another YouTuber named Sam Golbach. These claims made people curious about his sexuality. In reaction, he made a video called “Colby Brock Coming Out.” In it, he didn’t directly confirm or deny the rumor, but instead made fun of it in a roundabout way.

You should remember that someone’s sexuality is their own business and should be accepted as such. If you guess about someone without hearing from them, you might get the wrong information and even get hurt.

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