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Is Damian Priest Gay? Fans Call Him The “Bisexual Undertaker”

Damian Priest

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Luis Martínez known as Damian Priest, is an American boxer. Because he works for WWE, he appears on Raw. The Judgement Day is the name of one of his groups. For the first time, Damian Priest is the World Heavyweight Champion.

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He worked for wrestling teams like Ring of Honour (ROH) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) before he joined WWE. At that time, Damian Priest’s ring name was Punishment Martinez.

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Read about Damian Priest’s personal life and some online rumors to find out more about him.

What is the Sexual orientation of Daren Priest?

Someone has made assumptions about Damian Priest’s sexuality based on stereotypes about him and the fact that he has never confirmed any information about his relationship or said anything about his sexuality. Therefore, there has been some speculation about his sexuality.

He may be straight, gay, or bisexual, but we don’t know for sure. Privacy is very important, so people’s private lives should be honored. This is something he needs to tell himself before he makes it public.

Quick Facts

Ring Name Damian Priest
Birth Date September 26, 1982
Birth Place New York City, New York, USA
Nationality American
Profession Professional Wrestler
Wrestling Debut 2004
Major Titles WWE United States Championship

Why are people starting to guess about Damian Priest now?

Fans of Damian Priest on social media call him the “Bisexual Undertaker.” Several people think he might be gay or bisexual because of this.

That being said, there is no solid proof that Damian Priest is either gay or queer. For example, he has never talked about anyone with whom he might have been romantically interested.

Fans can talk about Damian Priest’s sexuality, but it’s important to remember that his private life and relationships are not open to the public. We shouldn’t guess or assume that someone is gay. Damian Priest is the only one who can say for sure if he is gay or likes men or women. But we’ll let you know when we find out more about his personal life.

Who is the wife of Damian Priest?

A lot of solid information about Damian Priest’s love life is hard to find. He’s very good at keeping things quiet, and he hasn’t said anything about who he’s meeting.

Several rumors have been spread, including one that he is dating Mandi Elaine, but there is no solid proof. Damian likes to keep his thoughts to himself and would rather work on his wrestling career than talk about his love life.

Dating History of Damian Priest

Damian Priest has been linked to several famous wrestlers in the past. The Bella girls, Nikki and Brie, are among them. He’s also been seen with Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Raquel, who are all fighters. It has made people wonder about his love life.

Additionally, Damian Priest was seeing Mandi Elaine (as was already said). Still, Damian doesn’t say for sure that he is dating her. When it comes to his private life, he keeps his walls up high.

Also, Priest was accused of cheating on his wife by an Instagram user who made the claims overnight in 2022. Tweets with screenshots were shared while Chyna Claire Lopez said in a tweet that he had cheated on his lover with two other girls.

Respect people’s privacy at all times and never assume anything about their lives based on rumors or guesses.

What Did The Demian Priest Say About These Rumours?

What did Damian Priest say about the rumors going around about his personal life in a new interview? They showed those tweets that called him the “Bisexual Undertaker,” which is a name some people online have given him.

What did he say? He said that he had no idea what that meant. He also told them that Rhea Ripley, another wrestler friend of theirs, likes it when people call him “Baby Girl.”

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