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Is DeAndre Hopkins Married? Does He Have Any Child? Family And Net Worth


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DeAndre Hopkins and BreAnna Young may be wed, according to rumors. Let’s get to know Deandre Hopkins’ wife better. Hopkins made his professional football debut in 2013 and is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League.

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He was transferred from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals on March 16, 2020. DeAndre agreed to a two-year contract with the Cardinals in September 2020. He participated in college football with the Clemson Tigers from 2010 to 2012 before starting his professional career. Hopkins started playing football at a young age and was more passionate about the game than any other sport.

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Who Is BreAnna Young, DeAndre Hopkins’ Wife?

BreAnna Young and DeAndrea Hopkins are unquestionably dating, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. Although rumours of their marriage had been circulating for some time, the couple had only been dating for a year. As a result, they might not get married anytime soon.

BreAnna Young, who was quite active on social media but who is currently untraceable, was the one who posted their images on her Instagram account. When Young published pictures of the couple together on a beach in May, the couple, who had previously kept their relationship a secret, went public.

Before starting her relationship with Hopkins, BreAnna Young dated NFL receiver Josh Stewart. Young and Josh Stewart had a child together. BreAnna and the father of his child have been co-parenting. Young is a licenced pilot who makes a profession flying charter planes. She has also kept her relationship with Hopkins a secret.

Do BreAnna Young and DeAndre Hopkins have kids together?

No, the two have not shared a kid. However, since they have only been dating for about a year, it seems unlikely that they will do so very soon. While DeAndre Hopkins’ girlfriend BreAnna has a child with her ex-husband, DeAndre Hopkins has no children from prior relationships. She hasn’t made any public disclosures on her kids. The couple does not have children, but perhaps they will reveal this knowledge soon and out in the open.

The Hopkins family of DeAndre

Harris Steve Hopkins and Sabrina Greenlee welcomed a son named DeAndre Hopkins in 1992. His mother, Sabrina, is a renowned community activist, writer, motivational speaker, and survivor of domestic abuse who has dedicated her life to the promotion of women and the development of the country. She is well-known for being the most muscular woman; she has always struggled with domestic abuse and made many other ladies feel at ease.

Hopkins had a close bond with his three siblings, with whom he spent his formative years. Marcus Greenlee, Kesha Smith, and Shanterria Cobb are his siblings. There is no information regarding her siblings because their relationship has always been kept secret. Although there aren’t many pictures of him with his siblings, he’s always had a close bond with them.

What is the Net Worth of DeAndre Hopkins? Salary, Earnings

The Source claims that the current year’s net worth of football players is a remarkable $40 million. Hopkins’ playing career is his primary source of income, but he also may have other sources like a business and investments. His current year’s worth, including his signing bonus, is reportedly $27,250,000, according to the source. Throughout his career, his base pay increases each year, thus he will ultimately earn more than the amount given.

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