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Is Karine Jean Pierre Gay? Meet Her Partner Suzanne Malveaux And Kids

Karine Jean Pierre

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Jean-Pierre made history as the first openly lesbian and Black person to serve as the White House press secretary.

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Since she entered office in May 2022, Americans have been curious to discover more about her and her personal life.

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Since May 13, 2022, Karine Jean-Pierre, a political consultant who is Haitian-American and was born in Martinique, has served as the White House press secretary. She holds the position for the first time as a Black openly LGBT[b] person.

She formerly worked as Kamala Harris’ chief of staff for the 2020 vice presidential election in the United States as well as Jen Psaki’s deputy press secretary.

Jean-Pierre formerly worked with Kamala Harris throughout the 2020 election and the Biden-Harris government as their national spokesman and senior advisor.

She has also lectured on public and global affairs at Columbia University and served as a political commentator for N.B.C. News and MSNBC.

Karine Jean Pierre: Is she gay?

Is Karine Jean Pierre Gay something that many wonder? Yes, it is the solution. In honor of Pride Month in June 2021, Jean-Pierre shared a chunk of her coming-out story on Twitter.

5.6% of Americans, according to a Gallup study, identify as LGBTQ+, with Black women making up an even smaller percentage of this group.

Jean-Pierre took pleasure in her little but fragile neighborhood. She said that she had always been content with her identity as a Black queer lady.

She is happy to say that her mother is now happy with EVERY aspect of who she is; she loves her partner and enjoys being a loving grandma to the daughter they are raising.

Her journey to find others’ love and acceptance wasn’t simple, but it was rewarding.

Meet Karine Jean Pierre’s Child and Partner, Suzanne Malveaux

Karine Jean-Pierre is now seeing Suzanne Malveaux. She is highly recognized for her work as Jean-Pierre’s companion and a TV news journalist.

She has worked for CNN for 20 years, co-anchoring episodes of CNN Newsroom and Around the World.

She took over for Wolf Blitzer primarily as a White House reporter and on The Situation Room.

Malveaux attended Harvard University and earned a sociology degree before enrolling at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Malveaux was born in Lansing, Michigan, into a family that originated in New Orleans. His forefathers are Louisiana Creoles of French, Spanish, and African American descent.

Malveaux said that she believes herself to be black and that various members of her family identify as European, mixed, or black.

Together, they have a child. Soleil Malveaux is the name of Malveaux and Jean-Pierre’s child. Jean-Pierre was a child they had adopted.

It’s estimated that Soleil is seven years old. Despite having social media profiles, Malveaux and Jean-Pierre want to keep intimate family photos off such websites.

Information on Karine Jean Pierre’s early life

Jean-Pierre was born in Fort-de-France, Martinique, France, to parents who were both from Haiti. When she was five years old, her family relocated to the Queens Village area.

Her two younger brothers are boys. Her mother worked as a home health aide in her Pentecostal church, while Jean’s father was a cab driver who had trained to be an engineer.

Jean-Pierre regularly looked after her siblings since her parents worked six or seven days a week.

Jean-Pierre claims that the 1992 Democratic National Convention keynote speech by former congressman Barbara Jordan impacted her life and career.

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