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Is Kayla Gaebel Found Yet | Missing Update

Kayla Gaebel

Since November 9, 2023, Kayla Gaebel, a 28-year-old woman from Shakopee, Minnesota, has been missing. NKT-967 was the license plate number of the white Ford Explorer by which she was last observed.

The police are requesting the public’s assistance in locating her, while her family and acquaintances are desperately attempting to locate her.

The community has extended condolences and support in solidarity with Kayla’s family and friends. Additionally, they have conveyed their exasperation and ire regarding the case’s lack of advancement.

They have petitioned the authorities and the media for increased attention and action. Kayla is an Ojibwe woman of Native American descent who is a member of the Leech Lake Band.

The National Crime Information Center reports that in 2020, 1.8% of all missing persons cases will involve Native American women, despite their constituting 0.8% of the population. This represents a disproportionately high number of missing persons in the United States.

Kayla Gaebel Missing Update 2023

As of November 10, 2023, the whereabouts and condition of Kayla Gaebel remain unknown.

Concerning her disappearance, the Shakopee Police Department has not disclosed any information regarding possible suspects, motives, or evidence.

Their only request has been that individuals who have observed her or her vehicle promptly contact them or dial 911.

Friends and family of Kayla have also utilized social media to disseminate information and request assistance.

In addition to sharing videos and photographs of Kayla, they have also conveyed messages of hope and affection. Additionally, they have mobilized a search party to investigate potential destinations in an attempt to locate her.

Mikayla Clark, sister and best friend of Kayla Gaebel expressed her deepest condolences on Facebook: “Praying for my lovely sister and best friend, Kayla Gaebel.

If there is any information regarding her whereabouts or communication, kindly contact me, her fiancé, or a member of her family.

How Did Kayla Gaebel Go Missing? 28-Year-Old Woman from Shakopee

Kayla Gaebel, according to her family and acquaintances, was an optimistic and gregarious individual with a promising future who delighted in life.

She was married-to-be and held a secure position as a dental assistant. No adversaries or problems that were known to her may have contributed to her disappearance.

At approximately 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2023, Kayla departed her residence in Shakopee. She informed her fiance that she would be attending dinner with a friend and would return shortly.

She never again contacted anyone and never returned home. At 10 p.m. that evening, her phone was last pinged near Prior Lake, approximately 10 miles from Shakopee.

Following that, it became dormant. Friends and family members attempted to contact her via phone and text but received no response. The following morning, they reported her as missing to the authorities out of concern.

After that time, neither Kayla nor her vehicle have been located. The police have refrained from disclosing whether they have any hypotheses or leads regarding her whereabouts.

They have solely declared that the investigation into her disappearance is a top priority. Certain individuals have posited that Kayla’s case is being disregarded or neglected on account of her race or heritage.

As Kayla’s case is not unique or isolated, it is part of a larger pattern of missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) in the United States and Canada, as others have noted.

In 2016, the Urban Indian Health Institute reported 506 cases of MMIW in 71 urban areas throughout the United States. Nevertheless, only 116 individuals accessed the database of the Department of Justice.

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