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Is Laura Jarrett Pregnant With Husband Tony Balkissoon In 2023?

Laura Jarrett

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In 2023, Laura Jarrett will be a mother. The experienced legal reporter and journalist for CNN has been in the news for both her professional and personal lives.

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American journalist and attorney Laura Jarrett is well-known for her legal expertise as well as her contributions to the field of news reporting.

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She devoted a significant amount of time to pro bono matters in addition to her professional career, demonstrating her dedication to justice.

Joining CNN in September of 2016, Laura Jarrett had a significant career shift. She was a journalist for a while, first stationed in Washington, D.C., where she covered legal matters and the Justice Department.

Laura Jarrett’s coverage of several high-profile legal matters throughout her tenure at CNN showed her dedication to delivering factual and perceptive reporting.

She has gained recognition in the news reporting community for her commitment to covering important legal and political events. She also demonstrates purpose in her job and life by supporting social causes in addition to her law practice.

Audiences all throughout the globe continue to recognize and value Laura Jarrett’s work.

Let’s investigate the journalist’s personal life in greater detail and see whether the rumor about Laura Jarrett’s pregnancy in 2023 is true. Be true.

Does Laura Jarrett’s husband Tony Balkissoon have a child together?

There is no evidence as of 2023 that Laura Jarrett, a CNN journalist and co-anchor of “Early Start,” is expecting a child with her spouse, Tony Balkissoon.

Tony Balkissoon and Laura Jarrett are married. Their two children are June Tahay, born in 2022, and James Anthony Balkissoon, born in 2019.

Being a private pair, Laura Jarrett and her husband Tony Balkissoon can decide to wait to share such news with the world until they are ready.

I advise keeping an eye on Laura Jarrett’s official social media accounts or the most recent news sources to find out if she becomes pregnant in 2023.

Public personalities often decide when and how to disclose their pregnancy since it’s a personal decision.

Meet Tony Balkissoon, the husband of Laura Jarrett

Tony Balkissoon is Laura Jarrett’s spouse. He is the Vice President and Executive Counsel of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and he is well-known for his professional background.

Tony is a quiet person who has avoided the spotlight most of the time. His father, Bas Balkissoon, was a politician in Canada, thus he hails from a political family.

In 2012, Tony Balkissoon and Laura Jarrett tied the knot in front of dignitaries and politicians such as Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

James Anthony Balkissoon is the son of the couple, and June Tahay Balkissoon is the daughter.

Laura Jarrett is a well-known lawyer and journalist, whereas Tony Balkissoon prefers to live a private life.

The pair prioritizes their family life, raising their kids, and advancing their individual jobs while respecting their privacy.

Kids of Laura Jarrett

Tony Balkissoon and Laura Jarrett are the happy parents of two kids. James Anthony Balkissoon, their first child, was born on July 14, 2019.

James’s first birthday was joyfully celebrated by the family in July 2020. On July 17, 2022, June Tahay Balkissoon, a girl, was born as their second child.

Given that Valerie Jarrett is Laura’s mother, the name “June” pays homage to her since it is her middle name. By honoring Tony Balkissoon’s mother with the middle name “Tahay,” they gave their daughter a more unique name.

Laura Jarrett often posts pictures of her family on social media, highlighting the joy and love her kids bring into her life.

Her commitment to her family and profession demonstrates her capacity to strike a balance between the rigors of journalism and the pleasures of parenting.

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