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Is Leanne Hainsby Sic Now That She Has Breast Cancer? Update On Illness And Health

Leanne Hainsby

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Leanne Hainsby is a former professional dancer turned fitness fanatic who loves to move and express herself. She is well-known as a seasoned Pelton Instructor.

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The Pelton trainer is based in the United Kingdom and teaches live from our London studio with the goal of inspiring you to move outside of your comfort zone.

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Leanne began dancing at the age of three and has performed on stage with some of the world’s most famous performers, including Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry.

She revealed her six-month battle with breast cancer in an emotional Instagram post.

Breast Cancer has been diagnosed in Leanne Hainsby

On January 28, 2023, the 35-year-old Pelton trainer confirmed her Cancer diagnosis via an Instagram post from HospitalHospital.

The trainer shared a snapshot of herself in treatment with her fans, giving them an insight into her Cancer struggle.

According to PEOPLE, the British spin instructor revealed details about her illness that she had previously kept private.

She was diagnosed after discovering a lump in my breast just two days after the burial of her best friend.

Leanne is dedicated to her fiance, Peloton instructor Benjamin Alldis. After three years of dating, she and Ben Alldis exchanged rings in July 2021.

On her social media pages, the Pelton trainer has multiple photos with Benjamin.

How Did Leanne Hainsby Know About Her Illness?

Leanne shared on Instagram last August that she was diagnosed with cancer after discovering a lump before a friend’s funeral.

The trainer had many tests and appointments with doctors and Cancer nurses, and after being worried for a few weeks, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022.

Mrs. Leanne Hainsby Leanne Hainsby, a Cancer Peloton instructor, has stated that she is battling breast cancer.

Despite undergoing a “cruel 2022,” the trainer said she was confident after receiving an early diagnosis and treatment.

Nearly six months after her diagnosis, the trainer’s prognosis improved.

Mrs. Leanne Hainsby According to Health Update sources Leanne had chemotherapy and IVF with her boyfriend, fellow Peloton teacher Benjamin Alldis.

Leanne worked throughout her breast cancer treatment.

She outlined her routine now that she has finished 12 weeks of chemotherapy, according to the Pelton teacher.

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