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Is Nate Fancher, The principal of St. Cloud High School, In Jail?

Nate Fancher

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The news of Nate Fancher’s arrest has flooded the internet. The principal of St. Cloud High School has been arrested for criminal mischief.

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Nate Fancher, the principal of St. Cloud High School, is charged with criminal mischief for allegedly keying a car in a Publix parking lot, according to an arrest affidavit.

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According to the affidavit, surveillance video from the parking lot showed a man, later identified as Fancher, walking the entire length of a 2012 Toyota 4-Runner while holding his shopping bag in his right hand.

When deputies attempted to contact Fancher at his home, he responded by saying he was out of the country and would return on Tuesday via his Ring doorbell.

Fancher asked if it was “about the car” by ringing the doorbell. Stay tuned until the end for more information on Nate Fancher’s arrest.

Nate Fancher was Arrested and Charged

According to St. Cloud Police, Nate Fancher, the principal of St. Cloud High School, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with criminal mischief in connection with a car keying incident that occurred last Thursday in a Publix parking lot.

According to surveillance footage, a middle-aged white male wearing a black jacket, tan jeans, and a shaved head approached the victim’s vehicle in the parking lot.

On camera, the man is seen shifting his shopping bag from his left to his right hand before turning to face the passenger side of the car.

The man is then caught on camera walking the length of the passenger side of the car while dragging his left arm behind him.

According to the arrest report, the man then appeared to be looking at the side of the car again before turning around and walking away from the camera.

He eventually returned. The cost of the vehicle’s damage has been estimated at over $3000.

Is Nate Fancher, the principal of St. Cloud High School, in jail?

Fancher was released from jail on bond on Tuesday evening. According to the affidavit, Fancher asked the police officers who arrived at his house if they could contact the victims to collect payment for the damage.

Whether he could avoid arrest by filing charges with the state attorney’s office instead of being arrested, and whether he could avoid having his picture taken.

According to the affidavit, after speaking with police, Fancher called the school resource office at St. Cloud High School and admitted he “keyed a car in the Publix parking lot” and inquired about “how much trouble” he was in.

On Tuesday, Fancher was detained while meeting with officers at the police station. He is charged with criminal mischief after causing more than $1,000 in damage.

In a letter to parents, the school stated, “Mr. Fancher will be on administrative leave from the school until the outcome of the law enforcement investigation and accompanying actions is finalized.”

The school stated that it will not go into detail about the incident because it is a law enforcement matter.

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