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Is Paige Bueckers Gay? A Look Into Basketball Star Sexuality

Paige Bueckers

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Paige Bueckers, a basketball star at the University of Connecticut, has been talked about a lot in terms of her sexuality. Because she is one of the best college basketball players, many fans and the media are interested in her personal life.

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Rising star gets a lot of attention

Many of her devoted fans have asked her if she prefers women or men since she was named the best player in America for 2021. However, rumors about this subject have been spreading lately because she is busy on social media and is close with other professional women athletes.

Quick Facts

Full Name Paige Madison Bueckers
Nickname Paige Buckets
Date of Birth October 20, 2001
Place of Birth Edina, Minnesota, U.S.
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
High School Hopkins High School, Minnetonka, Minnesota
College University of Connecticut (UConn)
Position Point Guard
League Big East Conference
Parents Amy Dettbarn and Bob Bueckers
Siblings Drew, Ryan, and Lauren
Degree Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Sciences
Grade Point Average 3.497

Past Relationship of Paige Bueckers

It is interesting to know that Bueckers has been linked to a few famous people in the past, though she has never confirmed them. There were rumors in 2021 that Bueckers and her UConn partner Christyn Williams were dating, but both players denied it. Recently, another story said that Bueckers was dating a famous women’s football player, but it’s still unclear how their relationship is going.

Maintaining a strong focus on basketball.

No matter what the rumors are about her, though, her games on the court are still what a huge number of fans love. If she is a great point guard, she will get a high pick in the next WNBA draft and have a bright future in professional basketball.

As the rumors about Bueckers’ sexuality continue, it’s still not clear if she will ever decide to speak out about it in public. At the moment, though, she seems happy to let what happens on the court be her message.

Paige Bueckers keeps her personal life private

Some fans think that Bueckers’ privacy and lack of involvement in public life may be a sign of LGBTQ+ acceptance. Some people think she is gay because of how she speaks out about LGBTQ+ problems and how quiet she is about her relationships.

Even so, Bueckers has flatly refused to say anything about it, saying she’d rather keep such things private. “Right now I’m mostly thinking about basketball and school,” Bueckers said in a recent interview. “Since it’s my thing, I won’t talk about my sexuality in public.”

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