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Is Strongwoman Victoria Long Transgender? Sexuality Partner Age And Instagram

Strongwoman Victoria Long

The most often asked internet inquiry is whether Strongwoman Victoria Long is transgender or heterosexual. Victoria is a Melrose, Minnesota-based powerlifter and deadlifter.

Victoria is a professional strength competitor who has participated in many pro-series events. American citizen Victoria Long hails from Melrose, Minnesota. Victoria and Tamara Walcott just broke the record by lifting the elephant bar at the Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2023 with a combined weight of 656 pounds.

They will keep it together since they have both broken records. March 3, 2023, to March 4, 2023, saw Columbus, Ohio host the Arnold Strongwoman Classic. People saw firsthand the incredible power of competitors all across the globe from the event.

Day one did not go as planned; both athletes seemed to have a lackluster day. On the second day, however, they both made a fierce return full of fury and broke the world record for the largest bar lift—a 656-pound bar—by lifting it. This record is known as the Elephant Bar Deadlift World Record.

Is Victoria Long, the Strongwoman, transgender? The sexual

Victoria’s great physical attributes have led many people to suspect that she identifies as transgender. However, the athlete hasn’t yet verified the information. Furthermore, despite her marriage to Dennis, not many people think she is straight.

A winner of the 2022 Arnold Strongwoman Classic was Victoria Long. She was the first person to lift 656 pounds and shatter the record. The use of the lifting straps for an extended period of time revealed exceptional strength and flawless elevating technique. She has elevated the Strongwoman to new heights.

Similarly, Tamara Walcott won the last Arnold Strongwoman Classic event with a record-breaking 641 pounds lifted. After Victoria lifted the bar, Tamara quickly followed suit, lifting the weight without the need for lifting straps and matching Victoria Long’s record-breaking performance.

It’s interesting to note that Tamara executed without straps, but Victoria utilized lifting straps to do the lift. The act demonstrates the two women’s remarkable strength, whereby they broke the world record using distinct methods.

Victoria’s Extended Partner

Victoria was romantically involved with Dennis Long, an athlete. They moved live together after getting married in 2019. Dennis lifts weights as well.

Dennis has competed in a number of contests; among his noteworthy accomplishments are his third-place finish in the 2021 WSM and his participation in the 2022 Arnold Strongman.

In a similar vein, Victoria Long has been engaged in activity since 2019. She has taken part in many national and international competitions.

She has competed in four international contests, winning three of them, and two national competitions that she has won. She competed in the WSW finals as well, placing second.

Long Age of Victoria

Victoria Long’s true age has remained a secret up to this point since neither she nor her organizations have disclosed it.

According to certain accounts, Victoria is thirty years old; nevertheless, the athlete disputes the fact.

With over 3800 followers, Victoria’s Instagram account is highly active. She mostly talks about her everyday activities, training sessions, and events that she attended. Based on her postings, it is evident that she loves her dog, as seen by the many posts about her on Facebook and Instagram.

Victoria Long is also on Facebook, where she mostly shares pictures of her dogs and sometimes herself and her husband, Dennis Long.

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