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Is Thomas Doherty Bisexual? Exploring the Actor’s Sexuality

Thomas Doherty

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Thomas Doherty does look good. We can’t get enough of the hot parts he’s played on TV shows like Gossip Girl and High Fidelity. But no one knows who he dates outside of acting!

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Fans are dying to know if the good-looking 27-year-old guy likes both boys and girls. Maybe he will become an important person for bisexual people. I’ve been paying close attention, so let me tell you what’s going on.

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Fans Are Shocked by His Dating History

People are interested in Doherty’s sexuality because of the relationships he has had in the past. He began dating actor and model Dove Cameron in 2017. They were together for almost 4 years before they broke up in late 2020. People saw them together a lot—he went to events with her family, so it looked pretty serious.

But here’s the catch: in an interview in 2021, Doherty casually stated that he was breaking up with a “boyfriend” around the same time that he was breaking up with Cameron! He sadly kept that story secret and didn’t say anything else about this mysterious man.

That style mixes genders though

Okay, but let’s talk about the most famous clothes Doherty wore! With his bright makeup, painted nails, crop tops, and clothes that mix boy and girl styles, the guy isn’t afraid to mix things up. In talks, he’s said that when it comes to fashion, he’s all about being yourself and not following the rules. Fans think he must be at least a little gay with all that fire about mixing genders, right?

Why Bisexual Representation Matters

Finally, it doesn’t matter how Thomas Doherty identifies; this whole guessing game just shows how few bisexual men there are in the world, especially successful ones. He could make a big difference in the lives of bisexual people, who are often ignored or discriminated against if he came out as gay.

LGBTQ activists always talk about how much bi-hatred and bi-erasure there is, even in the LGBTQ community. So having a young, famous, and powerful person like Doherty be out as bisexual and proud of it? That could help get rid of a lot of bad assumptions and stereotypes.

Quotes Stated By Thomas Doherty

There have been more rumors that Thomas Doherty is gay because of some of the things he has said. When he said,

“I don’t believe in labels…”Love is love, and everyone has it. Oh no, someone is being very vague and mysterious! There was never any doubt that he was bisexual, but really, that’s just a big wink for fans to read between the lines.

Love Life of Thomas Doherty

Thomas Doherty is very vocal about his support for LGBTQ rights and his wonderfully open-minded views on gender and sexuality, but he doesn’t say a word about who he dates. Since years ago, Dude hasn’t been linked to any guys or girls for a date.

And whenever someone asks him directly about his sexuality, he always keeps his cool and says it’s private. So fans are reading too much into his mixed-gender clothing and vague words to try to figure out if he’s bi or not.

The Conclusion

There’s Still No Proof Right now, we don’t know for sure if Thomas Doherty is gay or straight. But you already know that fans will keep talking about it and hoping for a gay king to show up.

LGBTQ famous people have a lot of power to be role models, whether they decide to come out to the public or not. The only thing left to do is wait and see if Doherty wants to use his hot fame for the bisexual cause!

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