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Is Tony Dokoupil Children In Israel? Meet His Son And Daughter With First Wife

Tony Dokoupil

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Are the children of Tony Dokoupil in Israel? Learn more about the wife and children of the American broadcast journalist in this article.

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It has emerged in an interesting discovery that Tony Dokoupil, the well-known face of CBS Mornings, has a life outside of television that many people may not be aware of.

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Renowned for his perceptive reporting, Dokoupil is wed to NBC News journalist Katy Tur, with whom he has two kids.

The fact that he has two elder children from a previous marriage who live in Israel, however, adds even more intrigue to his family dynamic.

Many people are curious about the specifics of his former marriage and the life he constructed prior to his current, well-publicized marriage.

The journalist’s surprising personal life turn-around highlights the complexity that often hides beneath the public image.

Tony Dokoupil’s life story serves as a reminder that there is always more to individuals than what first meets the eye, as his admirers and followers continue to discover more about his complex personality.

Meet Tony Dokoupil’s Son and Daughter, Who Are Raised in Israel

Co-anchor of CBS Mornings Tony Dokoupil discussed his daughters, ages 11 and 14, who are presently residing in Israel.

Even though he was safe, he said the random rocket firing into the country made the situation unpleasant.

Tony is the father of Tony Jr., a boy, and an unidentified girl. They reside in Tel Aviv, Israel, with their mother, and are, respectively, ten and twelve years old.

Following their divorce, Tony’s ex-wife, an Israeli citizen, went back to her own nation.

According to what Tony has said, his kids can speak Hebrew and English. He said that they often watch their father’s program online and have a keen interest in his job.

Every summer, Tony spends eight to 10 weeks with his kids, and they also sometimes go to New York. Additionally, Tony has shared his family’s reaction to the current tragedy in Gaza.

He disclosed on CBS Mornings in May 2021 that his daughter was crying and that the family had spent the night in an air raid bunker.

He expressed his wish for peace and acknowledged the hardship experienced by both parties to the conflict.

Who Is The American Journalist Tony Dokoupil’s Wife Married To?

Tony Dokoupil wed an Israeli lady, her identity remains undisclosed.

When Tony was a correspondent for Newsweek in Jerusalem, they got to know one another. Following their marriage in 2006, they relocated to New York, where they raised their two kids.

But their marriage did not last, and in 2013 they were divorced. Tony said that their differences in life objectives and their growing distance from one another were the reasons for their breakup.

He said that after the divorce, he battled addiction and despair. Since then, Tony has remarried to Katy Tur, whom he first connected with in 2016 at the RNC.

Teddy, their first kid, was born in 2019 after they were married in 2017. They want to have a daughter as their second child in 2021.

Together, Tony and Katy are parents to two children: a girl called Eloise, born in 2021, and a boy named Teddy, born in 2019.

Along with their dog, Charlie, they reside in New York City. Tony’s connection with his elder children and ex-wife has remained positive.

He has said that he supports his ex-wife both emotionally and financially and that he respects their choice to raise their children in Israel.

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Additionally, Tony and Katy have encouraged one another’s professional endeavors and often post about their family vacations on social media.

Additionally, they have co-hosted a few programs together, including Today and MSNBC Live.

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