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Jackie Miller | Why Did Ohio School Bus Driver Resign

Jackie Miller

A t-shirt has been made utilizing the language the Ohio bus driver used to reprimand the students in response to her viral video, which seems to have caught the attention of the general public.

In addition, a $50,000–$60,000 fundraising event was held. It’s to make her retirement easier.

It has been claimed that her outburst, during which she threatened to “kick some f-kin’ serious ass” because she was “done with the s-t,” was the result of at least two years of harassment by a core group of youths on her Amherst route.

Jackie Miller claims that the district superintendent phoned her a few hours later to inform her that she had been placed on paid administrative leave pending a full investigation.

Through the GoFundMe that was launched to assist the bus driver as she takes some time off and seeks new work in the aftermath of the outrage over a viral video of Miller yelling at the kids, more than $60,000 has already been received.

A viral Jackie Miller video

The afternoon of March 29 was not one of Jackie Miller’s greatest moments, she frankly admits.

The former school bus driver, however, stands by her decision to spank several junior high students on her route with more than a few choice words, which was captured on cellphone video and went viral.

Miller announced her retirement from Amherst Exempted Village Schools in Cleveland, Ohio, not long after the longer-than-two-minute video started receiving millions of views on Facebook and Tik Tok.

Jackie Miller sat in the driver’s seat after the outburst and seemed to convey that she understood what had just transpired would not end well for her.

But the management of the junior high school had disregarded her frequent concerns about the conduct of the children, and she had reached her breaking point.

Ohio School Bus Driver Resigns Following Viral Video

She resigned from her post after a video of an Ohio school bus driver yelling at students went viral on social media.

The video of Jackie Miller, a former bus driver for Amherst, shouting and yelling at kids has been viewed millions of times.

In an interview with WKYC 3 Studios in Cleveland, Miller expressed guilt for her actions but defended them by saying that a core group of youngsters had purposefully incited her over the preceding two years.

Bus driver Jackie Miller from Ohio says she misses the pupil she used to drive, but she won’t be returning to the job she hastily quit after being harassed by a group of rowdy children.

The driver apologized for her conduct and attempted to make things right. That day was a trying one for her.

She was sprayed with perfume by other pupils, which caused a horrific asthma attack. Jackie Miller also apologized for her actions but emphasized that she would stand by her statements. She said this about the scolding that led to her departure.

The local apparel store Errors on the Lake immediately released a new T-shirt with the wording on it.

One week after the event, Miller reflected on it in an interview with School Transportation News.