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Jania Meshell | Plastic Surgery, Before And After Photos

Jania Meshell

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Jania Meshell Surgery has been discussed among her followers after the model nearly died during a botched breast surgery.

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Jania Meshell is a well-known Houston, Texas-based model, media personality, social media star, controversial face, businesswoman, and YouTuber. She rose to prominence as a result of the passionate and daring photographs she shares on her social media platforms.

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She rose to notoriety after dating NBA Youngboy, a well-known rapper. The couple finally broke up. Their split has sparked great consternation on the internet. Jania’s social media was bombarded with negative comments.

She also does YouTube videos. Her videos have received thousands of views and likes. She also appeared for a number of well-known companies and brands.

Jania Meshell underwent what kind of plastic surgery? Before and After Images

In 2019, the social media sensation underwent breast surgery. She has also had butt surgery in the past. Jania once stated that she was on the verge of dying following breast surgery due to the physicians’ difficulties and incompetence.

She was displeased with the size of her breasts and wanted to try plastic surgery on them. The treatment went well at first, but she quickly developed difficulties.

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Due to the treatment of one of her breasts, a dangerous blood clot formed in her circulation. Furthermore, the surgeons mishandled the therapy, causing her suffering and immobility. She told DJ Smallz Eyes.

“I developed a blood clot, and they stated… If I don’t get it fixed, it could lead to other problems. They had turned the entire implant upside down, so I felt it in my armpit and couldn’t raise my arm; it was the worst feeling I’d ever had. When I returned to get it fixed, it was still messed up.”

Jania Meshell and Young Boy Had Children?

Jania Meshell and NBA YoungBoy’s relationship was strained. Meshell took to Instagram Live to express her displeasure with NBA YoungBoy’s heinous behavior.

The couple’s divorce was as terrible as their marriage. Following their split, NBA YoungBoy produced a song in which he claimed Jania gave him herpes.

Jania stated that she does not intend to have any more children. She went on to say that she is happy with Kacey and that he will not have any siblings from her. She also indicated that he would be fine with NBA Youngboy’s siblings.

“I don’t want any more kids.” I wanted kids, but I didn’t want a bunch of baby daddies. I’m not having any more children. I’ll just stick with Kacey and call it a day. He already has siblings and sisters on his father’s side, so he won’t need them on my side.”

Jania informed her fans that her employment necessitates her traveling to and from Atlanta. Her family lives in Houston, where she likes the lower cost of living.

While giving an update on her life, she mentioned that she is unmarried. “I have no other reason to be here – I don’t have a boyfriend,” Jania remarked. When Jania and her prior lover, YBN Almighty Jay, split up is unknown.

During an Instagram Live session in June 2020, she first revealed her connection with YBN Almighty Jay. Jay had been a regular on Jania’s Twitter since then.

She posted a photo of herself and Jay along with a message in which she appeared to be about to beat one of her ex-boyfriends. “Why push over a nigga who doesn’t want you?” she wondered. Thank you a lot, Next.”

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