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Jason Citron | Wiki And Age

Jason Citron

He grew up in San Francisco, California, and from a young age, he became passionate about computer programming and video games.

Citron started his career working as a game developer on mobile gaming projects at Papaya Studio.

2009 saw the emergence of his entrepreneurial ambitions when he co-founded the mobile social gaming network platform OpenFeint.

In under two years, Citron led OpenFeint to over 120 million users and 100 workers as CEO.

For more than 7000 games, the network offered useful features including player profiles, leaderboards, and achievements.

Citron’s leadership and product strategy enabled OpenFeint to achieve remarkable success in the mobile gaming sector.

OpenFeint was purchased by the massive Japanese game company GREE in 2011 for an astounding $104 million.

This significant exit confirmed Citron’s abilities as a creative consumer tech entrepreneur.

Wikipedia about Jason

Jason Citron took a break from his previous firm, OpenFeint, to investigate other facets of the gaming industry following the multi-million dollar sale of the company.

He was employed by YouWeb Inc. as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, an incubator that supports bright entrepreneurs.

Citron also started doing programming for Stormfront developers and Doublefine Productions, two well-known game developers, during this period.

Citron was able to learn more about market trends and the game production process as a result of these encounters.

His understanding of the difficulties faced by game developers and their interactions with gamers was much enhanced.

Later on, this information would come in very handy when designing Discord.

Discord was developed by Citron in 2015 when he noticed a gap in the contemporary communication tools available to gamers.

He aimed to improve gaming communities and conversations by developing an all-in-one voice and text chat tool.

In the end, Discord would completely change how players communicate across platforms.

At its height, Citron’s seasoned leadership and understanding of the demands of gamers helped the platform quickly amass over 150 million members.

How old is Discord’s CEO, Jason Citron?

The brilliant creator and CEO of the well-known chat program Discord, Jason Citron, was born in San Francisco, California, on September 21, 1987.

In 2024, he will be 36 years old.

At an early age, Citron’s love of computers and video games was sparked in part by his family’s business experience.

While nothing is known about Citron’s parents or early years, it is known that a senior student at his school served as an inspiration to him when it came to coding and gaming.

It’s possible that Citron’s path toward game industry entrepreneurship began with this early mentoring experience.

He laid the groundwork for his future companies at Full Sail University in Florida by pursuing pertinent academics after high school.

Regarding his personal life, Citron would rather keep it out of the public eye.

Nonetheless, it’s thought that the 36-year-old business tycoon is now based in Florida and is working to make Discord one of the leading social media platforms globally.

Jason Citron’s estimated net worth By 2024

Unverified online reports claim that as of 2024, Jason Citron’s remarkable net worth of almost $3 million can be attributed to his spectacular rise to prominence as a serial game entrepreneur.

Discord, a still-private company, does not disclose its financial statistics; nonetheless, Citron’s wealth comes from having founded two extremely lucrative gaming startups, OpenFeint and Discord itself.

In contrast, projections show that Discord’s highest-paid executive earns over $400,000 a year, which probably indicates Citron’s substantial salary.

In his capacity as CEO, Citron maintains a large ownership stake in the business, which is currently valued at more than $15 billion.

Depending on Citron’s position, Discord’s eventual pursuit of a liquidity event such as an acquisition or IPO might cause his net worth to skyrocket.

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