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Jehan Handa

Jehan Handa

Jehan Handa AD, a well-known Indian Assistant Director (AD), creative director, writer, hotelier, producer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from New Delhi, India, was born on November 2, 1992, at the age of 28.

For his writing and creative direction, he is well-known in the field. Jehan, who is a creative director, has experience working as an assistant director on films like Love Aaj Kal, N.H. 10, Phillauri, and others.

In addition, he penned the scripts for numerous plays and miniseries. Jehan Hand has been a creative director of Guy in Sky Pictures since 2016, according to his LinkedIn page. In addition to this, he worked as a representative for other private companies.

What is the Net Worth of Jehan Handa? Salary, Earnings

The sources claim that Handa earns a respectable living from his profession. He has also worked with a lot of well-known companies. Jehan Handa earned a net worth of INR 10–12 crore, according to the sources (approx.).

In January 2014, Jehan entered the field of professional directing, according to his LinkedIn profile. First, from January to February 2014, he completed a two-month internship in direction at Phantom Films Pvt Ltd.

Where was Jehan Handa? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Handa made news waves in June 2021 when his name was connected to the Bollywood starlet “Sara Ali Khan.” Additionally, he posted numerous photos of Sara on his social media accounts.

Read this article to learn more about Sara Ali Khan’s relationship with Jehan Handa, including information about his birthday, age, parents, siblings, biography, caste, and religion. You can also learn about his career as a film actor and his net worth.

Wikipedia – Jehan Handa On November 2, 1992, in New Delhi, the gifted creative director Handa was born to his parents. He was raised in an established family and practices Hinduism.

Jehan celebrates his birthday annually on November 2nd, according to our study. When it comes to his age, Jehan Handa is 28 years old (as of 2020).

Jehan has always had a keen interest in the entertainment business. According to the reports, he spent a significant amount of time working as an intern to expand his skills.

His IB Diploma was earned in 2011 at The British School in New Delhi, according to his LinkedIn profile. He then relocated to Winter Park, Florida to pursue his higher studies after that.

At Rollins College in Florida, Jehan earned a foundational degree in communication and media studies in 2012. Handa enrolled in Full Sail University after a year. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film/Cinema/Video Studies from this university.

Jehan returned to India in 2015 after completing his higher education and began concentrating on his job. According to his Facebook profile, he relocated to Mumbai in 2016 in hopes of building a successful career in the entertainment sector. Jehan is now a well-known creative director in the field.

Jehan Handa was born into a stable joint household, according to the sources. He practices Hinduism and belongs to the Khatri caste. Jehan’s zodiac sign, based on his birth date, is Scorpio.

Jehan Handa is the son of “Vipin Handa,” according to the sources. Vipin is a well-known Indian film producer and businessman, to give you some background.

According to Wikipedia, his father is a frequent TV show host and owns the clothing line Villa Appearances. He does not, however, give the media the names of his mother or brother.

Jehan, however, frequently posted pictures of himself with his mother and brother on social media. His mother is a housewife, according to the sources. Handa enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Is Jehan Handa Single? Relationship

Because of Bollywood actress “Sara Ali Khan,” Handa’s name dominates the headlines in July 2021. According to the reports, Sara and Jehan’s pictures and videos are popular online. Also on Instagram, Jehan Handa posted a photo of herself and Sara Ali Khan with the words “Love You, Take Me Back.”

In addition to this, Jehan frequently posted photos with Saif Ali Khan’s daughter on his Instagram page. I should mention that Sara also shared several pictures with Jehan on her official Instagram account.

Fans began speculating that Jehan Handa and Sara Ali Khan were dating after the images went viral. However, there is no reliable information concerning their relationship. According to the sources, Jehan also served as the film Kedarnath’s creative director. Let me inform you that Sara and the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput played key roles in Kedarnath.

Everyone is aware that Sara’s name has previously been associated with renowned actor Kartik Aaryan. Regarding Jehan’s prior romantic relationships, there is, however, no accurate information accessible. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, according to his Instagram profile.

With his close friend and fellow fashion designer Arunima Sahni Vig, he frequently exchanged images. As a filmmaker, Jehan has collaborated with a plethora of well-known Bollywood stars.

How did Jehan Handa start his Professional Career?

Jehan Handa interned at several private companies before entering the entertainment sector. Jehan joined the Taj Enlighten Film Society in March 2009 as a marketing intern, according to his LinkedIn profile. He had just been in training for three months.

He afterward relocated to Florida to pursue his higher education. Jehan Handa also held a position at Rollins College as a Fund Club Representative from September 2011 to November 2011. After that, he began working at Appearances Designers Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi as a Sales Intern.

In the period from January to March 2013, he worked there for three months. After a month, Jehan began a new internship in public relations at The Communication Council. He then proceeded to enter the direction line.

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