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Jerome Tang Wife | Who Is Careylyen Rey | Relationship And Kids Detail

Jerome Tang

While employed at Heritage Christian, Jerome Tang and his wife Careylyen Rey went on a blind date. For 26 years, Jerome Tang, the coach at Kansas State, and his spouse Careylyen have enjoyed a happy marriage.

The wedding took place on August 2, 1997. “Happy 25th anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life, Careylyen Tang,” Jerome said on social media in honor of their 25 years together. We’ve hardly gotten begun.

Their Instagram photos, which showcase their blissful married lives, show how much they care for one another. The Kansas State University Wildcats are presently coached by Jerome Tang, a collegiate basketball coach. He moved to Texas when he was 10 years old, having been born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, on October 7, 1966.

Jerome began his coaching career in 1993, but little is known about his playing career. He spent eleven years as the basketball coach at Heritage Christian Academy. Subsequently, he became an assistant coach under Scott Drew at Baylor University.

After rising through the ranks, he was appointed assistant head coach in 2017. Tang had a key role in Baylor’s 2021 national championship campaign. On March 21, 2022, Tang was appointed head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats, succeeding the retiring Bruce Weber.

Meet Jerome Tang’s wife, Careylyen Rey

Jerome Tang and Careylyen Rey have a nice marriage. Careylyen recently celebrated her birthday in 2024, having been born on January 4. Tang usually sends his wife heartfelt birthday wishes. He called her his dearest friend and soulmate in a sincere birthday message he wrote her on her 44th birthday in 2021.

At Heritage Christian Academy, Tang was the coach, and their love story began on a blind date. They were married in 1997 after falling deeply in love. Their spark is still there, 26 years into their marriage. They both keep in touch and visit different areas regularly.

Careylyen chooses to maintain a low profile, with hidden Facebook and Instagram accounts, while Jerome likes to publicly reveal glimpses of their affection on the platform. Despite being less active on social media, she frequently appears at various events alongside her spouse, Jerome.

Kansas State Coach Married Life & Children

Careylyen Rey and Jerome Tang are a happy married couple. Their four kids are a cute girl and three boys. They adopted Lamar and Richard Hurd after getting married in 1997. They went on to have a daughter named Aylyn Tang and a son named Ayvin Seven Tang.

Tang often celebrates the family connection by paying tribute to all of his sons—biological and adopted—especially on occasions like National Son’s Day. Ayvin Seven Tang, Jerome’s son, is currently a student at Baylor University in Texas. On January 11, 2001, he was born in Cleveland, Texas.

In 2020, he received his diploma from Live Oak Classical School, where he cheered. In a similar vein, his sister Aylyn, who goes as Island, received her high school diploma in 2022. On May 29, 2022, Jerome wrote a heartfelt message congratulating his future Wildcat and enthusiastically shared a photo of Alylyn’s graduation.

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