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Jim Acosta | Career And Net Worth

Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta, whose real name is Abilio James Acosta, is a well-known American broadcast journalist, anchor, and former head of CNN’s domestic division.

His coverage of the White House brought him notoriety, particularly during the Trump administration when his altercations with the president at press conferences made national news.

Throughout her ten-year career, the anchor has covered major political events such as the Obama government and both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Jim Acosta: Where Is He Going?

Following the announcement in February 2024 of a major reorganization of CNN’s schedule, rumors circulated about Jim Acosta’s potential future employment with the network.

Online, rumors were circulating that the seasoned reporter was either leaving or had been fired.

As CNN revealed changes to its morning roster, an extension of Jake Tapper’s show, and the launch of “CNN News Central,” speculation grew more intense.

These changes to the programming sparked a lot of talk and speculation about the journalist perhaps leaving the network he had been with for more than ten years.

Users of social media sites were speculating whether Acosta’s time at CNN was coming to an end as a result of the changes.

But in the end, the anchor came forward to set the record straight, dispelling these rumors.

He allayed concerns regarding his long-term presence on CNN by restating his crucial role in the network’s journalism environment in a statement.

By confirming the rumors that had been circulating, the journalist reassured colleagues and viewers that he was still an essential member of CNN’s team of correspondents and anchors.

Jim Acosta’s New Position

Jim Acosta is not quitting CNN, unlike what some have been saying; instead, he is moving to a new position inside the organization. He has been named weekday anchor and main domestic correspondent.

From Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET, the American television journalist will anchor a show under the same name as his weekend program, “CNN Newsroom.”

In this new role, he will continue to cover breaking news across the country and key domestic events.

On February 19, 2024, the anchor used Twitter to announce his new job and to share his delight for the next phase of his career.

On February 18, 2024, he said goodbye to the cast and crew of his weekend show and thanked them for their support and devotion.

The reporter expressed gratitude to Chris Licht, the CEO and chairman of CNN, for giving him the chance to keep making contributions to the network.

Is Jim Acosta’s Exit From CNN Fake Or Real?

It’s a myth that Jim Acosta left CNN, despite a lot of rumors.

His move to a new position as chief domestic correspondent and anchor highlights his continued commitment to the network.

Acosta’s long experience, which includes serving as CNN’s main White House reporter under the Trump administration, demonstrates his journalistic merit and trustworthiness.

The anchor will lead the CNN Newsroom every morning at 10 a.m. Eastern starting on February 26, 2024, solidifying his important position within the network’s programming.

Additionally, he will continue to cover important domestic news items and new developments in the US.

Following the section featuring the broadcast journalist, Pamela Brown will present “The Bulletin,” a new program that focuses on delivering the most important news stories of the day.

His move embodies CNN’s strategic goal to improve its lineup of shows while utilizing the knowledge of eminent journalists like Acosta and Brown.

The anchor has covered significant political events extensively since joining CNN in 2007. During the Obama administration, she worked as the senior White House correspondent.

His astute observations and in-depth coverage of presidential elections have cemented CNN’s standing as a source of reliable and extensive news coverage.

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