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Joe Burrow | Girlfriend, Is He Planning To Marry Her?

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is one of the most popular names in the NFL; the Ames, Iowa native has guided his current team, the Cincinnati Bengals, to two consecutive deep playoff runs.

With increased attention, there has also been some speculation regarding Joe’s dating life, including who his girlfriend is and who he has previously dated.

Joe does, in fact, have a girlfriend, and the couple appears to be each other’s keeper. They’d been dating for years before Joe became the Bengals’ quarterback in Super Bowl LVI. Are they, however, married? Read on for more information about their relationship.

Is Joe Burrow dating his girlfriend?

Burrow is currently engaged to his girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher. The duo has reportedly been dating since mid-2017.

Burrow and Holzmacher met at Ohio State, where the former played football for three years during his freshman year. They ran across each other in a classroom while studying for similar degrees.

When Did Joe Burrow and His Girlfriend First Meet?

While the precise date Joe and Olivia began dating is unknown, their first photo together appears to be from 2017. It has been assumed that the two began dating in August of that year. At the time, the two were in their junior year.

As such, Holzmacher confirmed on Instagram in August 2018 that they had been dating for a year. The LSU graduate’s girlfriend commented on an anniversary post,

365 days xoxo.

Joe also shared the identical photo on his Instagram account. The AP Comeback Player of the Year said in the caption,

The first chapter was outstanding. It’s time to move on to the next one.

Burrow majored in consumer and family financial services, whilst his undergrad partner Olivia majored in data analytics and social sciences.

Although Burrow transferred to LSU to study and play football, the NFL star and Holzmacher remained together and worked on their relationship as a long-distance pair.

The quarterback and his girlfriend Olivia don’t say much about their relationship, but the latter does post plenty of photos of herself with Burrow on Instagram.

Olivia, Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, is also from Ohio; what does she do?

Holzmacher, Burrow’s girlfriend, was born a few miles outside of Cincinnati. Having said that, many presume she was a Bengals supporter and must have been overjoyed when her boyfriend was drafted first overall by the Bengals. Olivia’s Instagram image from some time in 2015, though, shows she may have been a fan of the Green Bay Packers in the past.

Holzmacher, as previously stated, continued to study at Ohio State after her boyfriend Burrow went for LSU. Olivia received her diploma in 2019. The fiancée of the young quarterback now works as a senior process specialist at Kroger in Cincinnati. She also works as an analyst. The brunette quarterback’s girlfriend outlines her job, which includes creating dashboards for Kroger’s e-commerce pickup and delivery services. Olivia’s responsibilities include providing insight into operational metrics and customer experiences.

Olivia, meantime, goes to Paycor Stadium to watch her boyfriend’s games.

Olivia has been to practically all of Burrow’s games since he became the Bengals’ quarterback. On her Instagram posts and stories, she usually discusses her experience as a viewer. Holzmacher has been a rock for her footballer partner since the beginning.

She was also present when her boyfriend won the Heisman Trophy. Holzmacher later congratulated her footballer partner on Instagram.

Olivia just attended the AFC Wild Card Game between the Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.

Olivia Holzmacher, Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, has yet to have a child.

Burrow and Holzmacher do not have children of their own, but they do have a Goldendoodle as a pet. Beau, Holzmacher’s Goldendoodle, joined the family shortly after she made her relationship with Burrow official.

So, for the time being, Burrow and Holzmacher, the seemingly inseparable couple who’ve been hand in hand for nearly a decade, are childless.

When Are Joe and Holzmacher Getting Married?

Joe and Olivia have failed to marry or grow their family despite their love for each other, the collegiate love. As time passes, supporters wonder if the loving couple would ever marry or have children of their own. Until then, the mystery will stay veiled in silence, leaving spectators to speculate on what the future holds for this enthralling couple.

Is Holzmacher still dating Joe?

Despite the lack of images of Joe and Olivia together since September 2022, the couple is still considered to be together, according to an October 2022 piece in Sun US. According to the latter’s social media, Burrow and Holzmacher are still alive and well.

A recent discovery, however, has thrown a fresh twist to their story, notably with Joe Burrow.

Is Joe Burrow dating Olivia Dunne, his new girlfriend?

Joe has lately made waves for a possible relationship with a female TikToker and gymnast named Olivia Dunne.

Dunne, a third-year student at the same college as Burrow, just posted a picture of herself with the NFL star to her TikTok video.

This has prompted many to believe that Burrow and Holzmacher are already over, and that the quarterback is developing a covert romance with his junior. However, no such news of a split or a new connection is visible or widely circulated.

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