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Joel Smallbone Views His Wife As A Genuine Wonder Woman

Joel Smallbone

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For nearly seven years, Joel Smallbone of the band For King and Country has been married. Even after many years of marriage, the happily married man considers his wife to be the embodiment of Wonder Woman.

Joel Smallbone’s Wife Is a Christian-Believing Musician

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American singer-songwriter Moriah Peters is Smallbone’s wife. They are in a passionate relationship and frequently post images of one other on social media. He described Moriah as his real-life Wonder Woman on Instagram, which grabbed our interest.

It was evident that he values and does not take his wife for granted. In the post, he praised her for being as courageous and courageous as she has always been and for loving him despite his flaws.

In addition, he never misses an opportunity to celebrate their union. From the first time he met her to their first date and, of course, their anniversaries, he cherishes every moment with her.

At a wedding, Joel Smallbone met her for the first time

Smallbone disclosed to Project Team Inspired that he met his beloved spouse at the wedding of his brother Luke.

And although he does not believe in love at first sight, he confesses that when he first met her, there was a spark between them. This attraction encouraged him to ask her to dance, and they continued to spend time together after the wedding.

Since she was in town for a few days following the wedding, they actually spent all of their time together. At the time, the pair was so in love that they wrote a duet love song titled “I’ll Wait for You.”

In the days that followed, he became convinced he had met his future spouse. This is a wonderful sensation! He also stated that he believed he was destined to be with Moriah from the minute they met.

When asked how he knew his wife was “the one” for him, he explained that when they first met, he discovered that there were components of his previous relationships that did not make sense but did with her.

They are inseparable by distance

Despite working in the same sector, the pair spend little time together because their occupations keep them occupied and apart. Due to technology, they are able to maintain constant communication despite the distance between them.

Moreover, being in the same industry helps to put things in perspective because they honor one another and what they represent. However, when they do meet, it usually involves a great deal of travel and sharing a stage.

This busy couple has no children because their lives are full of bustling and demanding activities. Smallbone, on the other hand, has confessed that things will eventually settle down for them, at which point they will have more time for one other and might even start a family.

When there is mutual love and respect, conflicts can be handled more quickly. Smallbone does not believe in the notion that “opposites attract” because he and his wife have more character similarities than differences.

Due to their similar personalities, the pair rarely have disagreements. If they do have a disagreement, they make a concerted effort to resolve it by expressing their feelings and remembering that they are meant to be together.

Even if they do not feel it, their love and respect for one another help them heal their connection. We cannot help but admire the couple’s mutual affection and regard.

They never fail to demonstrate their love for their spouse in public, and it is this commitment that has kept them married for many years.

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