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John Amos’s Commitment To His Work And Net Worth

John Amos

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John Amos rose to prominence as James Evans Sr. in the television series ‘Good Times.’ He has contributed to the entertainment industry for almost five decades. He surely has a large net worth as a result of his efforts.

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The following article will undoubtedly address his money, but fans of ‘Good Times’ are especially interested in the actor and regularly question, ‘Is John Amos still alive?’

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What is the Net Worth of John Amos? Salary, Earnings

John has a net worth of $3 million, which is still growing. In 2016, he dramatically enhanced his net worth by selling his 3,280-square-foot Lebanon home for a whopping $439,000. His tremendous net wealth stems primarily from his successful acting career.

However, based on box office receipts, he has appeared in tremendously successful films that have earned a considerable number of money.

In addition, John is the founder of The Halley’s Comet Foundation. Through his organization, he has changed the lives of many people. John is still working at the age of 82 and recently appeared in an episode of ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’

Is John Amos still alive and well?

As a senior actor in Hollywood, John is frequently the subject of death rumors. However, all of the stories about his death are incorrect. John is still alive and working in the entertainment sector.

His character in CBS’s ‘Good Times,’ however, was murdered in a vehicle accident. He was left out of the show’s fourth season, which caused quite a stir. Everyone assumed the contract was to blame, but the true cause had been hidden all along.

John ultimately revealed his reasons for leaving the show in a 2015 interview with Archive of America. The lack of diversity in the program, according to John, was the primary cause for his departure.

He argued that the show’s writer inflated the portrayal of African-Americans. The ‘Good Times’ authors grew agitated after Norman Lear expressed his discontent with the scrips, which led to his dismissal.

He was dismissed, but he still had a promising acting career ahead of him. In the year he was dismissed, he appeared in the ABC miniseries Roots.’

Following that, he performed in both films and television shows, including a return to his earlier role as Gordy in ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’

He appeared in many films and television shows, including ‘Coming to America,’ ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Die Hard 2,’ ‘Two and a Half Men,’ ‘Beastmaster,’ and many others.

He later collaborated with the ‘Good Times’ producer. Of course, John’s dismissal harmed his relationship with the show’s producer, Normal Lear. However, the two reconciled and began their collaborative work on new projects.

He also stunned ‘Good Times’ fans by making an appearance in an episode of the show’s reenactment for ABC’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience series.

When asked when he would retire after more than fifty years of service, John said, “You don’t retire in my position.”
He continued,

“You simply do not show up to work one day.
I’m still getting requests for guest pictures.
I’d love to appear on Starz’s ‘Power.’
Alternatively, ‘Empire.’
I’d like to portray a villain.
I enjoy portraying villains.
In my career, I’ve played a lot of endearing fathers.”

He wishes to continue to give his services until the end. With his decades-long career, he must have a significant net worth.

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