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John Benjamin Hickey Discusses Being Gay And His Relationship With His Partner

John Benjamin Hickey

John Benjamin Hickey is a well-known actor who has worked in all three acting mediums: film, television, and theater. Throughout his career in the 1990s, he portrayed a variety of parts, many of them were LGBT characters.

And, in case you’re wondering, John, is gay in real life as well. Furthermore, he is a proud representative of the gay community on stages and huge screens.

As an actor, he has played a father, a spouse, and many more roles, but what about his personal life? Let us have a look.

John Benjamin Hickey, is he married?

According to The Observer, the answer is yes. In reality, John is a married man who has been married to his husband, Jeffrey Richman, for many years.

Jeffrey works in the same industry as his partner, although he is rarely seen in front of the camera.  That’s because Jeffrey is a well-known producer who has received numerous honors for his work.

He began as an actor but soon recognized that his true talent was in producing and writing, and he turned his focus to that, achieving great success.

You might recognize his name from one of your favorite comedy shows, such as ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Frasier,’ or ‘Rules Of Engagement.’ Hickey’s connection with his spouse is one of the Hollywood romances that has stood the test of time and renown.

They started dating in 2003 and have been inseparable ever since. Although John prefers not to discuss his relationships with Jeffrey and vice versa, the couple is frequently seen together on public occasions, looking as handsome as ever.

The gifted men thrived in their respective fields, but it wasn’t always easy for them. John has played various homosexual characters, which was unfortunate because homosexuality was heavily stigmatized and shunned at the time.

Hickey was warned that if he accepted jobs as a gay character, he would be typecast for the same. He stated to Theatre,

It was a poor and restrictive way of thinking about your profession and the countless possibilities that come with portraying different characters.

Furthermore, LGBT actors were once ostracized, but times have changed for the better.

He added,

“There are so many more homosexual parts now, and, wonderfully, more out gay actors with a sense of ownership over their image”.

Similarly, John’s partner ensures that LGBTQIA+ representation is included in his productions. As soon as same-sex marriage became legal in California, he decided to portray ‘Modern Family’s cherished duo Cam and Mitch marrying.

As a result, he takes pride in being a part of the first same-sex marriage to be broadcast on television. Furthermore, John was overjoyed with the news.

Jeffrey told The Hollywood Reporter,

“My partner always reads the first draft, and he phoned me crying when he read this one,”.

As a result, the pair finished up the proud and emotional moment at home while watching the scene on television together. Needless to say, John Benjamin Hickey and his partner get along great.

They have spent two lovely decades together and have many more years ahead of them.

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