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John F. Kennedy Autopsy: Why Did Cia Kill JFK? Shot To Death

John F. Kennedy

After John F. Kennedy died in 1963, there was an autopsy done on him. Still, people have been talking about his death in public.

After the new set of records about President Kennedy was made public, people had a lot of questions.

According to the story, the National Archives posted more than 13,000 papers about the new release, and more than 90% of the copies are still available.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that all of the information about the killing that is in the records should be made public. Only when there is a very good reason should something be made public.

John F. Kennedy was shot and killed at the age of 43. After he died, many books and TV shows told his story.

Even though he has been dead for 30 years, the murder has not been made public because the president wants all the papers to be made public until June 2023.

John F. Kennedy’s Death: He Was Shot

In 1963, when Kennedy was shot while driving through Dallas in his motorcade, a lot of news came out.

Several autopsies were done as part of the study. The first one took place at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The autopsy was done at 8 p.m. on November 22, 1963, the same day he died. The next day, the cause of his death was made public.

On November 23, George Gregory Burkley signed a death certificate because he had been shot in the head. He said that the damage to his head directly affected a part of his brain.

Burkley also wrote that there was a second cut in the back, behind the third thoracic spine.

Again, on December 6, a new death certificate was signed with a different reason for his death. Theron Ward signed it in Dallas County and wrote that he died from two gunshot wounds near the center of his body, about an inch to the right of the center of the back of his head.

There are still two papers about his death that say different things.

What made the CIA kill John F. Kennedy?

Is John F. Kennedy killed by the CIA? People want to know, but it’s still not clear if the CIA had anything to do with it.

The author of The Kennedy Half Century, Larry Sabato, said that there might be something that hasn’t been made public yet. He also said that the CIA was involved in the case in some way.

It was proven that Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, and he is now getting his sentence. However, he still thinks that a single person couldn’t have done it and that the CIA was involved.

John F. Kennedy said that the job of investigating had to be done right. Still, we won’t be able to find out what happened on that day in 1963.

We also don’t know yet if the comments and papers have anything to do with Lee Harvey Oswald.

There is still a lot more to learn about the reason and other things, like who else was involved in the case.

The act records should already be open to the public. Still, on the advice of the FBI and CIA, President Trump in 2017 and Vice President Biden in 2022 accepted postponements.

So, there is a small chance that the CIA or FBI had something to do with that case in 1963.

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