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Jonah Beres | Career And Relationship

Jonah Beres

Former theater actor Jonah Beres is best known for his portrayal as Brandt in the cringe comedy series PEN15 on Hulu, which has been nominated for an Emmy. Beres is renowned for his sensitivity, perfect facial expressions, sophisticated manner, sense of humor, and capacity to be present in the moment when the director gives the go-ahead.

Jonah Beres has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most skilled young actors thanks to the roles he has played on stage and in film.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Jonah Beres

Jonah Beres, an actor with PEN15, was born in Seattle, Washington, on March 12, 2002.


Beres, who is 20 years old, is the youngest of three siblings and the only boy.

A few years older than him, Simone Beres is his sister who began acting after him.

She attends a college where she studies directing and screenplay.

The Education of Jonah Beres

Half-Latino Beres spent the majority of his scholastic years in public schools, except for a two-year stay at Brighton Hall.

The 2020 quarantine class was the graduating class of the Seattle native’s high school.

The first actor in his family is Beres.

Jonah has a distant relative who is an actor, despite being the first member of his family to pursue acting. His parents are also business owners.

According to Jonah Beres His mother encouraged him to pursue his career.

Jonah, who stands five feet eight inches tall, claims that his mother encouraged him and his sister to pursue acting.

When they relocated to LA, it was she who got them, along with their manager and agents. According to Beres, his mother manages everything on the back end.

How Did Jonah Become an Actor?

Jonah said in an interview that he became interested in performing as a child since his mother used to take him to all these shows. Beres went on to say that he loved all the makeup and “stuff like that” on stage.

At the age of six, AD Jonah began his training when his parents secured his admission into the Seattle children’s theatrical company Broadway Bound BB.

Following that, the young Seattle, Washington actor made his Broadway debut as Peter Pan in his first BB musical under the direction of Gregg Gilmore, who trained under the late Sanford Meisner in New York City.

Gilmore also had a major role in Jonah’s decision to join with a nearby talent agency after sowing the idea with his mother to secure representation for him.

At the age of ten, the young adult from Washington started receiving increasingly promising roles.

It occurred when he appeared on stage e A Christmas Carol adaption of Charles DickDickens’soved young Ebenezer. Nonetheless, the production company, the Seattle Musical Theatre company, gave it the title musical Scrooge.

Jonah’s sister would likewise choose to enlist a year later. She later had the opportunity to play the legendary parts of the cunning “Rooster Hannigan” and the outrageous “Lily St. Regis” in Annie, alongside him.

Beres was described by critics as a boy with a self-assured stage swagger and an ability to make others laugh aloud.

Jonah’s Screen Career In 2012, Beres’s acting career in motion pictures started to gain momentum.

Key Roles of Jonah Beres Following His Move to Los Angeles

Jonah played Johnny Keating in the 1950s stage production Corktown 57′, the son of an Irish immigrant family, in his first performance after relocating to Los Angeles.

Beres would play a series of film and television roles over the next two years. Jonah began filming the horror genre picture Strange Nature, an eco-thriller directed by FX guru Jim Ojala, in the summer of 2015.

Beres played the part of Brody in Strange Nature, the grandson of Bruce Bohne (Fargo) and son of Kim Sweet (the late Lisa Sheridan).

Beres scored a role in Girl Flu in 2016 opposite American Girl star Jade Pettyjohn, one year after the actress starred in Strange Nature in 2015.

The Blumhouse production Stephanie, a feature film released in 2018, was Beres’ next project. He portrayed Paul, Stephanie’s elder brother, in the movie, with Frank Grillo and Anna Torv. In the AFI film ALOUD that same year, Beres also portrayed Arden, a tale of an orphan youngster discovering his voice.

Jonah’s Career in Television

In 2017, Jonah Beres made his on-screen debut as a guest star in the brief Netflix series Small Shots. Beres plays Hunter Goldberg, the haughty, foul-mouthed youngster who rules his Barmitzvah celebration, in the movie Small Shots.

Jonah has made guest appearances on television on TruTV’s comedy series Those Who Can’t and TNT’s Animal Kingdom, where he played a young Baz starring Ellen Barkin. The latter is renowned for its celebrity comedic guests.

In addition, the 2012 Brightwood star played Mason Wagner’s best friend Jules in a regular role on the ABC sitcom Splitting Up Together. His persona casually makes advances for Mrs. Wagner, played by Jenna Fischer from The Office.

Jonah portrayed Sam Wheeler, the film’s main role. A 14-year-old boy named Wheeler is bullied, and as a result of his “me against the world” mentality, he learns of his superpowers.

The movie went on to win numerous important accolades, including Hollywood’s Hollyshorts Film Festival’s top grand prize. Later on, it was nominated for an Oscar in the category of short live-action films.

Beres Jonah In PEN15 on Hulu

Beres is currently a cast member of PEN15, the popular Hulu original comedy series. In February 2019, the adult teen comedy featuring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle made its debut to acclaim from critics.

Befilmlays Brandt in the television series PEN15. Brandt is the popular, cool kid, douchebag who Maya has a thing on.

Brandt, played by Beres, is a bully in junior high school. The character is well-known to the fans for making fun of and taunting Maya and Anna nonstop during the academic year. An Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series was given to the show.

Is Beres Dating Someone?

Yes, Beres is in a relationship. On January 6, 2020, Jonah presented her to his Ig followers. He uploaded three images in all, two of them with him and a brunette donning a baggy hoodie.

Beres captioned the photos with the phrase “my baby,” which is an emoji of a baby, but he didn’t say what his partner’s name was.

Since then, Beres has presented her as his partner on Instagram using a number of still images. The Strange Nature hasn’t disclosed the identity of his lover, but it’s assumed she goes by Maya.

Jonah uses social media, right?

While Beres is quite active on social media, particularly Instagram, Jonah largely several a clear separation between his personal and work lives.

Rather than focusing solely on showcasing his acting profession, the Balloon actor’s Instagram feed, @yupwet, is more about who he is as a person and his values.

Jonah doesn’t include captions on his socially conscious and artistic pieces, allowing viewers to interpret them anyway they see fit.

According to his Instagram, he appears to have a distinct sense of style when it comes to apparel, and he enjoys going to flea markets and gathering old items.

Additional Information

Beres also sells some clothes through the wayDepop online store.

Jonah enjoys watching Avant Guard movies, and he has a collection of his difficult-to-find favorites on DVD.

The Small Shots actor makes digital music that he occasionally shares on Instagram, listens to music of many kinds, and frequents record stores.

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