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Jordan Cole

Jordan Cole

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Who is Jordan Cole?

Jordan Cole, a linebacker for his team and an American football player, was born on November 20, 1999, at the age of 23. He has primarily played for the Northern Illinois Huskies, his old squad. Jordan Cole is currently a Redhawk at Southeast Missouri State.

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He has represented his squad for many years by scoring in every football game. Jordan is currently a well-known athlete throughout every American college. He is anticipating being selected by one of the top NFL teams. Before now, none of the NFL draft events had included his name.

What is the Net Worth of Jordan Cole? Salary, Earnings

Jordan used to play professional football for his university team, but he has yet to start earning money from it. As a result, his current net worth cannot be disclosed. He will shortly sign his $1 million NFL contract for the following few years.

Jordan Cole is a football player

Since 2014, Jordan Cole has been a football player. On September 25, 2022, he most recently competed for his Southeast Missouri State Redhawks squad against the Central Arkansas Bears.

Jordan contributed 35 points to his team’s victory in this game, giving his university a victory. Jordan has served as captain of his high school team, McCluer South-Berkeley High School, twice.

Where was Jordan Cole born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

On November 20, 1999, Jordan Cole was born in Ferguson, Missouri. He joined the McCluer South-Berkeley high school squad while still residing in his hometown. He participated in a school competition in 2016 before being selected by his college team in 2017.

Jordan earned a degree in physical education with a business minor while participating on his collegiate team. He is now finishing up his Master’s in Social Sciences at Southeast Missouri State University in 2022.

Jordan is not on social media, even though he has gained fame for the football abilities he employed for his school and university teams. Jordan’s followers have tried for years to find him on Facebook and Instagram, but he is not there.

Due to his absence from social media, little is known about his parents and siblings as well. Jordan might start talking about his parents when he is selected by an NFL team in the next years. We currently just know his parents’ names. Heather Coleman is Jordan’s father, and Martel Colemen is his mother.

How tall is Jordan Cole? Weight, Hair Color

  • 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • 215 pounds (97 kg)
  • Dark black hair
  • Black eye color

How did Jordan Cole start his Professional Career?

Jordan participated in sports for his McCluer South-Berkeley high school team from 2014 to 2016. He received an all-region honor in 2016. A 3A Defensive Player of the Year award was also given to him by the Missouri Football Coaches Association.

He used to play basketball at his school and continued to be a part of the teams that finished second in the district championship in 2015–16 and the regional championship in 2013–2016. He has been doing fairly well for his university squad since 2018.

Is Jordan Cole Single? Relationship

Jordan Cole has never participated in a dating interview. We claim that he is not dating anyone and is single. He is a tall, attractive man who has frequently drawn the attention of his college roommates. But he has remained unmarried up to this point since he prefers to practice football in his spare time than dating.

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