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Joshua Jackson | Married Life | Wife

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith are a happy couple. Additionally, the couple just welcomed a child. In addition, Joshua and Jodie became a beloved interracial pair as soon as they started dating. Though none of them has spoken about it yet, there are speculations that the couple has already wed in secret.

Has Jodie Turner-Smith Been Made Into A Wife By Joshua Jackson?

Ever since the two began dating, this query has been circling the internet. Up until recently, the solution has remained very complex. Even though several newspapers have inexplicably verified their union, the couple has not yet released an official declaration.

Following their August 2019 marriage license, there were first speculations about their purported union. At the time, Joshua picked obtained the license from a Beverly Hills courtroom accompanied by his mother and girlfriend. The license is only good for ninety days.

Then, in November, a few months later, they walked the red carpet for Queen & Slim’s AFI FEST debut. Witnesses saw both of them wearing bands on their wedding fingers at the occasion.

Turner-Smith, a British model, wore a ring with a marquise shape, while her lover wore a ring with three bands that were brushed gold. Thus far,

Furthermore, during a February 2020 interview with the Sunday Times, Jodie candidly shared details about her personal life. She also shared her opinions on rumors that said they would be married.

“I haven’t said to anybody, ‘Yeah, we got married,'” she continued, hinting at the situation. People assume anything they want, but I always respond with “Thank you” when they say “Congratulations.”

2020 Saw the birth of Joshua Jackson’s first daughter with partner Jodie Smith.

A representative for Jodie and Joshua declared in April that the couple had welcomed a daughter. The representative wished the mother and child happiness and health.

The couple gave their first child the name Janie Jackson. Joshua posted a lengthy Instagram post in May that included a rare photo of his daughter. He honored the mother who gave birth to him in the post

The pregnancy was first announced in December 2019. Jodie’s pregnancy was initially revealed to Joshua when “Little Fires Everywhere” was being filmed. He starred in the film with Kerry Washington and Reese Whitherspoon.

Reese and Kerry, his co-stars, are also parents who adeptly balance their personal and professional lives. As soon as they learned he was expecting a child, Reese and Kerry came forward to offer the couple some invaluable parenting advice.

Jodie said, “I don’t want to raise them in the US,” while discussing raising children.

When questioned about her intentions for raising her children in the US during that same interview with the Sunday Times, she stated,

“This place has tense racial tensions. Overt white supremacy exists. I don’t want to raise my children here because of this. I don’t want my children to experience school exercises involving active shooters as they grow up.

She also insists that raising her kids in the UK is not an option. She declared, “England has gone off the rails.” If not in the US, then where is she going to raise her children?

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson with their child

Jodie and Joshua with their little girl. Source: Bazar’s Harper’s

She also discussed how interracial marriages are not accepted in the US by either the White or the Black communities.

The lovers are determined to go forth despite the obstacles. Jodie talks about how she ignores all the criticism, particularly from the black community because she is in a relationship with a white guy.

When Did Joshua And Jodie Begin Their Dating Relationship?

The pair first became acquainted in October of last year. They were at the 40th birthday celebration of rapper Usher. Observers at the celebration saw Jodie and Joshua acting quite lustfully toward one another.

The couple enjoyed some alone time in Nicaragua, a South American nation, about a month later. They didn’t post any photos of themselves together on social media, though.

Jodie also uploaded a picture on her account, while Joshua also added one to his. The swimming pool and setting in their photos were identical.

Jodie joined Joshua in celebrating his 41st birthday. This confirmed the speculations of their romance even more. Then, at the Queen & Slim premiere, they officially announced their relationship following months of speculation.

Joshua Jackson Has Dated Famous Actresses in the Past

Between 2006 and 2016, Joshua was in a well-known relationship with Diane Kruger. The former lovers became one of the most famous couples quite rapidly while they were still dating.

They never intended to get married, even though they were long-term partners. Jackson insisted that the reason they haven’t been married is because he doesn’t accept marriage at face value in an interview with Glamour back in 2014.

“I don’t feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having had a huge party and not having stood in front of a priest,” he said.

He was romantically involved with Katie Holmes, his Dawson Creek co-star, before Diane. They began dating during the first season and ended their relationship after the second.

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