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Juan Merchan Wikipedia And Age | How Old Is Donald Trump Judge

Juan Merchan

Allen Weisselberg, former Trump Organization CFO, was judged by Merchan. The Columbia native has 16 bench years. Justice Juan M. Merchan also audited a real estate development corporation over a decade ago. His age, family, education, and history are here.

Donald Trump Judge’s Age: Juan Merchan Wikipedia?

Judge Juan M. Merchan was born 1962 in Bogota, Colombia. He is 61 in 2023. Trump’s family real estate business’s criminal tax fraud case is based on multiple spreadsheets and tax documents with indecipherable statistics.

Most attendees were unaware that one person was exceptionally well-equipped to absorb those boring data. The acting State Supreme Court judge started his profession as an internal auditor at a modest real estate development business. He presided over only major criminal prosecutions involving the former US president in his decade-long career. His judgment influenced the jury’s guilty conviction in Trump’s tax fraud case.

The issue hinged on whether the Trump Organization gave executives leased Mercedes-Benzes and residences without paying taxes.

Trump’s fans were furious. It may have irreparably damaged organizations and affected the 2024 presidential race. During the five-week trial, gray-haired Justice Merchan maintained order. The state court, where criminal law may be practiced roughly, occasionally lacks it.

Justice Juan Merchan Family

The New York Times reports that Juan Merchan is a first-generation immigrant from Bogota, Colombia. At 6, his parents relocated to the US. The judge was impoverished in Jackson Heights, Queens, according to many who knew him.

His father was a Colombian military commander. Colombian intelligence employed his father. The judge’s father was a dishwasher at Manhattan’s historic Americana Hotel after relocating there. In New York, Juan Merchant’s mother worked at toy, zipper, and airplane meal manufacturers.

Juan Merchan’s Five Siblings

Judge’s parents had six children. He’s the first college student. Merchan started at nine. Tip-based grocery delivery. He delivered kosher meat and cleaned dishes in a café in high school. During college, he was a hotel night manager. Merchan studied marketing management at Baruch College despite the hardships.

He became a UNDP internal auditor after dropping out of college. He finished his degree years later. In 1994, Hofstra University School of Law awarded him a Juris Doctor.

He started practicing law after graduating. Since then, Juan Merchan has served at New York County District Attorney and Attorney General departments. Merchan was appointed Family Court judge in August 2006. He has served at New York County Supreme Court since 2009. The judge handles complicated financial situations.

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