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“Judge Me Not” Is Set To Premiere On ALLBLK

Judge Me Not

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ALLBLK’s latest drama series, Judge Me Not, is set to premiere on Thursday, May 25, 2023. The story revolves around a young woman who is dealing with a variety of personal issues.

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She accepts a position as a judge in a court, but the task proves far more difficult than she had anticipated. The show’s protagonist is Chyna Layne, with a number of other actors playing important supporting roles. Judge Lynn Toler preside over it.

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ALLBLK’s Judge Me Not trailer teases an intriguing courtroom comedy drama

ALLBLK released the official trailer for Judge Me Not on April 28, 2023, giving a glimpse at the countless dramatic events that will take place in protagonist Zelma Jay Johnson’s life. The trailer begins with Zelma having a nightmare about puking medicines in court, which is both amusing and embarrassing. It then depicts various bizarre incidents that take place in the courtroom.

Overall, the trailer maintains a hilarious, engaging, and dramatic tone that will appeal to fans of courtroom dramas and comedy shows. The official description of the show, according to ALLBLK’s YouTube page, is as follows:

“Judge Me Not is the story of Zelma Jay Johnson, a young black woman with extraordinary mental health issues, a strange family, and a turbulent love life.” We accompany her as she begins her new career as a judge in a court filled with eccentric personalities on both sides of the bench.”

The following is the rest of the description:

“As her intense connection with her live-in boyfriend takes them both on a wild trip, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a psychological thriller that threatens her life.”

Viewers can expect a fascinating and quirky courtroom comedy series that addresses a variety of topics such as mental health, relationships, balancing work and personal life, and many more, according to the description and trailer. The number of episodes or the distribution schedule have yet to be determined by the network.

More about the Judge Me Not cast

Chyna Layne plays Zelma Jay Johnson in Judge Me Not. Layne is an exceptionally creative and intelligent woman who is dealing with a number of challenges in her love life and with her family, which appear to be affecting her mental health.

She starts working as a judge in a courtroom, where she runs into a slew of unexpected issues. Her journey is critical to the plot, and it will be interesting to see how her character develops. Layne’s other notable roles include She’s Gotta Have It, Daddy’s Home, and Life of Crime, to name a few. Other notable supporting actors who appear alongside her include:

  • Martin Allen is played by Jonathan Chase.
  • Barbara Lester is played by Gena Shaw.
  • Daryl Bledsoe is played by Javon Terrell.
  • Michael Johnson is played by Terrence Green.
  • Jean is played by Bonita Brisker.

The show is based on the life of Lynn Tolder, a former high-ranking judge. Judge Me Not will air on ALLBLK on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

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