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Julia Haart | Parents And Career

Julia Haart

Julia Haart became well-known following the July 2021 premiere of the Netflix series My Unorthodox Life. The fact that the show emphasizes her journey from being a Jew to not being one has earned her a lot of criticism. Julia’s extravagant lifestyle as a fashion designer, businesswoman, and CEO is the main focus of the show.

The Details Of Julia Haart’s Life As A Jewish Girl; Her Birthplace Wasn’t America

The 51-year-old Haart was born in Moscow on April 11, 1971. Both of her parents were devout Jews. Julia is therefore a Jew by birth.

She accompanied her family to the US when she was three years old. Haart was raised in Austin, Texas, until she was a fourth grader. She went to a private school there and was the only Jew there. In order to be nearer to their Jewish heritage, the immigrant family then relocated to Monsey, New York City.

To Haart, her relocation from Texas to New York appeared to be a major cultural shock. Her mother and father became more pious and involved in the Haredi coToere were a lot of orthodox Jews in this community. She was additionally sent to Brooklyn’s Bais Yaakov, a Jewish school.

Rather than focusing on gaining admission to college, young Julia was sent to an Israeli girl’s seminary where she spent a year after graduating. She was prepared for “arranged dating,” or shidduchim, when she got back. Moreover, Julia was only 19 when she got married for the first time.

At the college admission fashion designers left the Haredi community.

From the 1900s until the early 2000s, this former CEO of a modeling agency was a Haredi Jew. She was nevertheless, very uneasy in her own neighborhood. Julia was a mother of two daughters, and she was also unwilling to allow the community to treat her daughters the same way they had treated her.

During an interview with The New York Times in 2021, she stated,

“They were trying to push her down and make her into that flat person so they could disappear, just like they had done to me. I could not allow that to occur.

In addition, she was having mental health issues despite belonging to the community. Furthermore, Haart had considered giving up and ending her life due to the traditional surroundings. It was high time, therefore, that she put it behind her for her own sake.

Julia departed from the Haredi community in 2014. At the time, she was 43 years old and had four children.

Throughout Her Life, Harrt Had Several Names

Haat was given the name Julia Leibov by her parents at birth. Up until the age of eighteen, she went by this name; at that point, she changed it to Talia. She claimed that “Talia” sounded more Hebrew than Julia given her ethnic background. Furthermore, she was given this name in hopes of attracting a match.

Yosef Hendler was the man she married after a year. She thus started going by Talia Hendler.

Talia also changed her name back to Julia after divorcing the man she was first married to and leaving the orthodox Jewish community. Her last name was also changed to “Haart” in remembrance of her previous name.

A Look Inside Julia’s “Fabulous” Career: She Has Worked As A CEO And Designer

Haart entered the fashion industry immediately after assimilating out of her Jewish culture. As a result, she launched the shoe brand Julia Haart in 2013 to launch her career as a designer. To design the most comfortable and stylish shoes possible, the fashionista collaborated with a German company and a ski boot engineer.

In addition, Julia worked with the upscale Italian company La Perla in 2016. This was three years later. She contributed to the creation of the company’s Fall and Spring accessory collections through this.

After that, Silvio Scaglia, her ex-husband, appointed her the position of “creative director” for the company. He was presumably La Perla’s president and owner at the time.

This greatly enhanced the shoe designer’s notoriety and financial success. Talia, also known as Julia, rose to fame only a year later when she created Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Met Gala gown.

Similarly to this, she was successful in taking over as CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Elite World Group (EWC), a talent-media company, in March 2019. The owner and Haart’s former partner, Scaglia, nominated and voted for Haart in this instance as well. In addition, she was appointed creative director of e1972, a high-end brand that EWC had introduced.

The Star of “My Unorthodox Life” Is Haart as Well.

Based on Julia Haart’s life, My Unorthodox Life is a well-liked Netflix series. The fashion mogul’s personal and professional lives are usually the focus of the show. It also demonstrates how, having left her ultra-orthodox Jewish community, she is acclimating to that glamorous life.

Julia’s Netflix series debuted with its inaugural episode on July 14, 2021. At the time, it was the “talk of the town,” drawing both favorable and negative feedback. Generally, the Haredi or Jewish community opposed Haart’s creation of a show that denigrates their religion.

This fashion designer persisted in the face of hatred. She is prepared to release the reality show’s second season in 2022.

She Was Fired From Her Own Business in 2022; Specifics Of Her Lawsuits

Sadly, Haart lost her job at her so-called “own” company in January 2022. She was let go by the EWC after holding the post for many years. What, therefore, was the cause of that?

In the end, the agency charged Silvio, Haart’s then-lover, with embezzlement from the company. Her employment with the company was terminated as a result of this. Even the CEO was unaware of the entire incident, which came as a complete surprise.

She was not going to let this go without a fight, though, after this. Julia asserted in court that she was the owner of half of EWC. She claimed that following their 2019 marriage, Silvio had designated her as the CEO and co-owner. But after more research, it was discovered that she did not actually own 50% of the business.

As a result, Julia was left homeless and broken. Thank goodness, her reality show, My Unorthodox Life, continues to air. There are rumors that this show’s second season will however, on these lawsuits as well as her contentious split from Aglia.

Has This Former Jew Married Twice? Is She Married Again?

Julia Haart was “arranged” to marry a Jewish man when she was very young, as we have already discussed. This ex-CEO married Yosef Hendler, a school senior, at the age of just 19. The duration of this marriage is unknown, but we do know that the ex-Jewish couple is the parents of four children.

Haart and Scaglia’s ex-husband is Silvio Scaglia.

Similarly, in 2016 this designer met Silvio Scaglia, who became her new love interest. He was La Perla’s owner at the time, and Haart was the creative director. Before getting married in June 2019, the pair spent a good deal of time together.

But this second marriage did not endure for very long. Julia filed for divorce from Scaglia in February 2022 after being expelled from EWC. This resulted in the backlog of lawsuits, which we will cover in the following section.

There are no reports as of 2022 that suggest Haart is dating someone else. We can assume that she may be taking a break from trading for a while because she has been very busy lately.

Did Silvio Scaglia Actually Sue Haart After Their “Controversial” Divorce?

Haart sought for divorce from Scaglia after losing her position as CEO of EWC as a result of him. As if that weren’t enough, this sparked a flurry of lawsuits.

In addition, Haart sued her ex-husband for $257 mon after the judge ruled that she did not hold 50% of EWC. Silvio was accused of “defrauding her out of millions from their business” in this lawsuit.

Furthermore, she charged him with “egregious, bullying, and unauthorized conduct” because he terminated her assistants, stopped her access to Julia’s personal office, cut off her business cards, and turned off the phone at their house.

He also allegedly became more erratic and violent with her and her four children, according to her claims.

But Julia planned for this to happen this way. Later on, it was determined that her assertions and accusations were untrue.

Comparably, the star of My Unorthodox Life was also previously charged with embezzling $850,000 by her former partner. To put it another way, he said that she had stolen the funds from the business’s account. Before Scaglia abandoned the complaint in December 2022, it had been pending for over nine months.

Julia reportedly stated to US Weekly,

“I think it says a lot that Silvio dropped these lawsuits with prejudice on the day when discovery was supposed to be completed, thus dismissing them forever. I paid Silvio nothing, and I plan to keep suing him and other others mentioned in those lawsuits for defamation and fraud.

My current goals are to continue developing companies that will empower people while also using my family’s strength and support to help myself heal.

She is undoubtedly a strong woman who will not give up

fifty-one Julia has four children.

With Silvio, her ex-husband who made billions of Italian dollars, Haart never had children. With her Jewish ex-husband, Hendler, she did, however, have four children.

The four amazing children of this reality TV celebrity are Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron. Batsheva and Miriam are Haart’s two daughters. They have even taken up their mother’s name. Similarly, Shlomo and Aron are her sons – we do not know about Shlomo but Aron is in high school as of 2022.

This mother of four maintains a good bond with all her four kids. They even appear constantly in their mom’s Netflix reality show.

So, Where Is Julia Haart Today? Does She Still Work?

So, the only issue left now is, where is Haart today? After suffering hundreds of disputes with her old firm and husband, she has achieved quite fame. On top of all this, she is a star of a reality program which is all set to debut its 2nd season. Therefore, we feel that Haart is focused on only that as of now.

Similarly, after the divorce, Julia gained the exclusive rights to have her and Silvio’s penthouse residence. It is a magnificent flat that may be rented for a large amount of $125, 000 per month. Thus, she rents it today and lives in a separate home with her kids; it isn’t certain where she actually lives today.

Furthermore, with her great career as a designer, ex-CEO, and reality TV star, Julia Haart has a phenomenal net worth of almost $500 million. She sure is living that amazing and great life.

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