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Julia Silva- All About The Wife Of Marcos Acuna

Julia Silva

Marcos Acuna, a left-back for Sevilla and the Argentina national team, is married to the gorgeous Julia Silva. Acuna was born in Argentina.

Gross Value

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Her net worth hasn’t been determined yet. As of December 2022, her husband’s net worth is currently estimated to be at $5 million.

Acuna’s current professional trajectory

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Acuna, an Argentinean who was up in Zapala, started his athletic career with Don Bosco, a nearby club. He swiftly outsmarted people and received invitations to several clubs in Buenos Aires. When he was 17, he auditioned for a number of organizations before getting signed by Ferro Carril Oeste, where he played for the club’s reserve team for a number of seasons until joining Primera B Nacional.

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Later, in 2014, he changed teams to Primera, and in 2016, he made his Argentina debut. Every football player wants to play for their country, according to Marcos, and winning a trophy for your nation should make you feel proud. In September 2020, he committed to Sevilla for a period of four years.

He renewed his contract till 2025 on February 2021. Acuna appreciates the efforts made by the team and the emphasis they place on him, and he is happy about the contract extension. He claimed that they are competing for everything in which they are involved and want to receive awards.

For ten years, Silva and Acuna have been navigating life together. Prior to being married in June 2017, they had been dating for five years. Morita, Martina, and Benjamin are the two girls and one boy that Silva has as wonderful children. Her youngest child, Martina, was born in 2021. Her son Benjamin turned six in January, and Morita became eight in April.

Since she traveled with him, accompanied him, and saw how hard he had to work to get where he is now, Silva is really proud of her guy Acuna for what he has accomplished today. On Instagram, Silva frequently shares heartfelt tributes to her husband.

She described him as a warrior, a good companion, and someone who helps others without saying “no” or “but” in one of the postings, adding that she never gets tired of telling him how happy she is. He’s still the calm, reserved, responsible, and passionate soccer fan she first met ten years ago.

She expressed her appreciation for being with him for such a long time and getting to witness his accomplishments. She stated her desire for no one else to experience what they did in one of the posts in which she reminisced on their horrible years in 2018.

The anger expressed towards the soccer player implied that she felt uncomfortable even at home and was frightened to drop her kids off at school. It also included a direct threat to the family.

She claimed that because of her chest pain and mental collapse, it was the worst week of her life. All she wanted at the time was to leave the country and take her kids back to their home country. She asserted that when Marcos decided not to break his contract, she supported him with intense sorrow in her heart.

She was afraid and worried that all of her worst nightmares might come true. Being in a different position today makes Julia happy. She also gushed over her partner, saying how impressively cynical he is and how no one can change him.

When he switched the background with a photo of him and Messi, she thought her husband was strange.
Her spouse changed the background image from one of their children to one of him and Messi after the 2021 Copa America victory.

She posted the image to Twitter as proof, claiming that her husband had changed the background of his phone from a picture of his children to a picture of him and Lionel Messi having a great time together. She wrote, “It’s wrong, but not that horrible,” along with the photo.

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